What is Remarketing/Retargeting?

Sometimes a user will visit your website, look at your services and/or products, and then leave without taking any further action. They obviously had some interest in your company/product/service, so why didn’t they convert into a customer? With the Remarketing service from Today’s Business, we can take further steps after a user leaves your website to turn them into a customer and increase your brand awareness.

How Remarketing/Retargeting Works?

Remarketing, commonly referred to as Retargeting, is the process of tagging an online user who visits your website with a cookie. A cookie is a small file that is stored on a user’s computer after a user visits a particular website. This file, or cookie, is then able to track the user’s navigation through your webpage and when they leave your webpage. With this data, we can then target specific ads to the user, even after they leave your site. It also allows us to determine why people may be leaving your website at a certain time, and make changes to better improve your website. This practice allows users to receive advertisements that are relevant to their interests, and serves as a reminder that they were interested in your company. Every time a customer sees your retargeting ads, your brand gains traction and recognition.

Why is Remarketing/Retargeting is a Good Option?

Retargeting ads provide a high click-through rate and increased conversion by placing the ads in front of users who have already expressed interest in your site or brand when visiting your website, social media accounts, or joining a mailing list. Our Digital Advertising clients at Today’s Business have experienced great success and conversion rates upon taking part in our expert, individualized remarketing campaigns.

If you are interested in increasing conversions, gaining more brand awareness, and targeting an audience that has already expressed interested in your company, then Remarketing/Retargeting from Today’s Business is your businesses natural next step. Contact us today to get more information on all of the digital advertising services available at Today’s Business.

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