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Today’s Business offers social media marketing in NJ is different than all other companies who claim they, “do social media”. Our experience of working with diverse clients has enabled us to develop an effective strategy for any company, in any industry, allowing us to essentially become your “social media wing”. From creating custom graphics for posts, to personalized backgrounds, cover photos and YouTube videos, TB provides you with everything you need to see your ROI from social media. We don’t just talk about ROI, we prove it. By providing you with custom tracking phone numbers, a TB analytic dashboard, as well as, having the nation’s top social ad management team, we guarantee your ROI. Below are some of the steps we take to optimize your social media campaign.Read More

Brand Bible Creation

In order for Today’s Business to properly represent your company across all social media networks, we must understand your brand’s tone/voice, message and direction. This first step is what we refer to as creating your “Brand Bible.” The Brand Bible is our team’s blueprint to building your brand’s social media and web presence. It’s an extensive document that answers questions relating to your target market, competitive advantages and disadvantages, services, products, and overall voice/tone. A member of the TB team will guide you step-by-step through the Brand Bible creation process to ensure that we don’t miss a thing. This document is also consistently updated to ensure that our team is on the same page as your business and brand.

Content Calendar Creation

Today’s Business’ talented team of creatives live, eat, and breathe social media. They are always monitoring big brands for new techniques and methods, following the biggest viral stories, or finding ways to earn hundreds of followers. This is the team that creates a month-long content calendar exclusively for your business or brand. Our creatives do an amazing job of curating engaging, shareable content from around the web for your social media platforms. In addition, they make sure to add plenty of creative yet direct calls to action through the use of short URLs, or tracking phone numbers. Once the month’s content is ready to go, our Managers will send it off to you, the client, for your approval. Revisions and requests for unique social trends are encouraged! After the content gets the green light, a Community Manager will schedule the content to be posted throughout the month. Each post is scheduled for a predetermined time based on extensive data we’ve collected while monitoring activity on different social media platforms. As the month goes on, we’ll use custom analytic tools to track the success of your content, and make any necessary adjustments to optimize your month’s campaign. Read More

24/7 Social Monitoring

Here at Today’s Business, we pride ourselves on the monitoring services we provide our clients with. Our team physically monitors your pages using a variety of platforms and tools, and makes sure that all fans/followers are responded to in an appropriate and timely manner. By utilizing your updated Brand Bible, the TB team formulates responses for different social media conversations that your brand may encounter. Any interaction requiring immediate action is addressed and reported to your company. Read More

Response Team

Our Response Management Team utilizes the responses prepared from your Brand Bible, and makes sure that every interaction with your social media accounts is responded to quickly and efficiently. The team is trained in responding to frequently asked questions, praise and thanks, as well as negative feedback. If, by some chance, there is an interaction that we are unable to respond to, the team will reach out to the client immediately through a custom e-mail address to make sure that the response is consistent with the brand’s voice.

Monthly Analytics Report

Each month, our Community Managers will prepare a social analytic report just for you. The stats within the report allow us to go through and optimize your campaign, as well as show you that our efforts are working for you! As your social presence grows, the analytic reports will help you understand what this means for your business and the ROI of your social marketing spend. With these monthly reports, you’ll be able to identify fan growth, track daily impressions, view engagement percentages, and see top demographics that your accounts are reaching. Read More

Social Advertising Campaigns

As Facebook Preferred Advertisers, we have the ability to Beta test new advertising features on Facebook. In turn, we pass those benefits on to our clients. We run a variety of Facebook ads such as Sponsored Stories, Engagement Ads, Like Ads, and many others. Our team of experienced Ad Professionals will make sure that each ad campaign that is run provides the most bang for your buck. We are also a Beta Partner with Twitter, which gives us the ability to run Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends. As a LinkedIn Preferred Marketer, we develop and place your ads based on goals like client outreach, recruitment, website traffic, and lead generation. Read More

Facebook Application Development

Today’s Business’ in-house developer team makes it easy for you to have a custom Facebook application created specifically for your social media accounts. For example, we can create a “Request an Appointment” tab or a “Testimonial” tab for a doctor’s office, or a “Locations” tab for businesses with more than one office. We can also develop applications for contents through these tabs, like a “Pin-It to Win-It” contest, or a photo/hashtag contest. Let us know what you’d like to accomplish through Facebook, and our team will be able to develop the appropriate tabs and have you up and running in no time. Read More

Steps We Always Take in All Projects

In every project we work we take a couple of important steps that allow us to grant the satisfaction of our client
TB takes the time out to learn all aspects of your brand in order to achieve what it is that your company wants to achieve through a social media presence
We tailor our expertise and knowledge of the digital world specifically toward your brand in ways that will result in online success.
The strategies are implemented into real time campaigns that will prove effective or ineffective in reaching your social media goals.
We go through all the numbers produced during the execution with each client to maintain a healthy communication between our team and your company.
Our team will incorporate all analyzed statistics to improve campaigns each and every month.

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Today’s Business should be called “Tomorrow’s Business”, since they are always a step ahead, always raising the bar higher for themselves, and their clients. From day one, my staff and I at the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science at Saint Barnabas were impressed by the way Tom Ottaiano, Chaz Cervino, Billy Ash and their very talented staff were able to learn about us and our practice, and really “get it”.  Their capable energy, enthusiasm and professionalism is demonstrated in everything they do for us from targeted, specific and relevant social media content creation to advice on, and execution of the latest in digital marketing strategies.  We feel that they have allowed us as physicians to open up new ways to connect with our patients that promotes the practice and provides patients with access to the information that they want about and from our practice. In a word, Today’s Business is awesome!

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Serena H Chen MD - Director Reproductive Medicine IRMS at Saint Barnabas

Today’s Business applied their knowledge, creativity, and understanding of social media in a way which allowed our company to quickly launch our marketing efforts.  The early growth of our brand would not have been as successful without their help and guidance.  The leadership team listened to our needs and not only delivered a comprehensive strategy with measurable goals, but exceeded them as well.  I highly recommend them to help your brand launch and manage your social media needs.

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Gary Ackerman - Clear Gear