For so many business owners, the thought of having to create and log in to a social media account, come up with an idea, write the post, find the picture, schedule the time for the post, and have a plan in mind all the while, is much too overwhelming. You are not wrong to think this way; a social media strategy takes a lot of strategic planning and time. Fortunately, the team at Today’s Business is highly skilled in this area, allowing our clients to focus on what they do best.

Social Media Calendar Template in New Jersey

Today’s Business’ talented teams of creatives live, eat, and breathe social media. They are constantly tweeting about the latest trending stories, sending Snapchats to friends, and racking up followers on their Instagram. Mostly through, they are scrolling through their newsfeed, taking in every bit of information they see about what is hot and what is not in the social media world at that time. This analytical skill that our creative team possesses makes them the perfect candidates to help your brand create a month-long calendar of social media posts. The Today’s Business team will take the information we’ve gathered about your business or brand, and develop a post for as many platforms as you’d like to be on, for as many days a week as you’d like. Posts throughout the month may vary from industry news and articles, viral videos, branded content, and calls to action.

Social Media Marketing Plan Template in NJ

Once the creative team has completed the content calendar, it is passed along a process where multiple sets of eyes will examine the work to ensure the highest quality, before ending up at the Account Manager, who then sends off the content calendar for revisions and approval from the client. Requests and revisions are always encouraged!

Social Media Content System

Once the social media content gets the green light from the client, a Community Manager will upload each post to its specific platform, ensuring that images are sized properly and that all text and links are correct. Each post is then scheduled for the date that it was created for, as well as for a specific time of the day. Our Data Team has collected an extensive amount of information regarding social media engagement and postings times, so we’ll make sure that each post is going up at the most optimal time for engagement with your audience. As the month goes on, our team will use custom analytics tools to track the success of your content, as well as the amount of website traffic that the content produces. If, throughout the month, we see any areas where we can improve on your social media campaign, we’ll jump right in to optimize the campaign to produce the maximum ROI possible.

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