Facebook Application Development in New Jersey

Facebook applications have become a very powerful tool for organizations to supplement their social media marketing strategy. A Facebook application utilizes the full social media experience, by allowing the user to interact with your business through a secondary means, aside from the typical “likes” and comments that Facebook provides. Our team of in-house developers has a portfolio filled with applications that have been a hit with clients, ranging from “Request an Appointment” tabs for doctor’s practices, to a “Locations” tab for a restaurant chain, as well as contest tabs. Contest tabs are great for increasing traffic. For one client we created a “Pin-It to Win-It” tab to increase Pinterest traffic since that was where the majority of their conversions came from.

Social Media Application Development in NJ

Our developers are ready to utilize their skill and experience in application development to turn your visions and ideas into a sleek, streamlined product. Whether you want to develop your application in php, Ajax, jQuery, Flash, Flex, Ruby on Rails, or more, our development team will be able to design your product to your exact specifications. Another popular service is including a content management system into the application, so that it seamlessly integrates with your Joomla, Drupal or WordPress site. This feature keeps fresh content from your website cycling through your Facebook application, as well as allow your on-site e-Commerce to function directly through the application, so buyers would never even have to leave Facebook.

Facebook Business Success

A Facebook application is a great way to take the successes that your business is having on Facebook, and divert that traffic into your sales funnel. Whether your app has a direct selling ability, or will lead traffic to another website where your conversion rate is much higher than any other method, our development team will be able to have your business up and running with a successful application in no time.

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