Keeping up with work emails, mail, and customers is hard enough for a small business. Let Today’s Business be your eyes, ears, and voice on social media platforms, and you’ll receive physical monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’ll never miss a tweet, a mention, or a check in that has to do with your business, allowing you to accurately see how the public perceives your business. Our monitoring team utilizes a variety of platforms and social media listening tools to ensure that posts are reviewed quickly, and any inappropriate material or spam is immediately removed. During the creation of your Brand Bible, our team will help develop a list of areas that you would not like to appear on your social media accounts, which our monitoring team will use to filter the content that is directed towards the brand’s social media account.

Social Media Response Management in New Jersey

Knowing what is being said about your brand is great, but the conversion is still out there for the taking. Responding to as many social media interactions as possible should be the best way to turn the comments into customers, right? Today’s Business’ Response Management Team acts as your social media platform’s receptionists, quickly responding to interactions with a series of prepared responses and your Brand Bible in tow. We’ve found that customers who interact with a brand on social media, and regularly receive a response have a significantly greater CLV, and will act as brand ambassadors once they feel a connection to your brand. The Response Management Team is trained in handling both the good and the bad that customers can bring, but if there is ever an instance where our team is unable to respond, or is not sure of the best way to respond, we’ll reach out to you right away with a report that addresses the question at hand. Today’s Business always wants to ensure that responses from our team stay consistent with each individual brand’s voice, so regular communication and updates are the norm for this service.

Free Social Media Report Card

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