Figuring out how to ensure that your product, service, or business is visible on social media is a tough job. With constantly changing algorithms on each platform, there is no one “right” way to ensure that each and every message, tweet, post, and picture that your business puts onto social media will perform to its fullest. As Facebook Preferred Advertisers, Today’s Business has the ability to Beta test new advertising features on Facebook. We were one of the first agencies to have access to Sponsored Stories, as well as the Facebook in-platform e-commerce engine. This early access allows our teams to be on the cutting edge of optimizing our client’s social ads to perform at maximum potential.

Preferred Social Media Marketer

Today’s Business has made a name for itself by producing successful Facebook ad campaigns through the use of Engagement Ads, Like Ads, and Sponsored Stories for our clients. We are also a Beta Partner with Twitter, which grants us the ability to run social ad campaigns on Twitter through the use of Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends. As a LinkedIn Preferred Marketer, we are able to help our B2B clients reach a vastly untapped resource by optimizing and placing ads based on goals like client outreach, recruitment, website traffic, and lead generation. Recently, Today’s Business became a Preferred Partner with Instagram, giving us access to running ad campaigns on the popular image sharing platform.

Social Campaigns in NJ

The progress and results of each and every social media advertising campaign are reported back to the client in their monthly analytics report, as well as on the Today’s Business client dashboard, where you’ll be able to see updated stats and figures regarding the success of your social campaigns. As the social media market becomes more and more competitive, it’s imperative to have an agency on your team that can continue to provide results and show growth for your business through the cutting edge platforms that are being utilized for advertising.

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