Regardless of what business you are in, a monthly report for sales, marketing, or client success is nothing out of the ordinary, since the programs you use just print out a page that has already crunched all of the numbers. Social Media Marketing isn’t quite as simple to quantify, since there are so many moving parts and multiple platforms. How does one quantify the ROI of a tweet? Each month, the Community Manager assigned to your account will prepare a social media analytics report for your brand. The stats from the report are what allow us to tweak your campaign to work more effectively and reach even more of your target demographic. As your social media presence continues to grow with Today’s Business, these analytics reports will help to understand how social media growth impacts your business’ bottom line and the return on investment of your social media marketing spending.

Detail Social Media Reporting in New Jersey

Within this report, you’ll learn the many details of your social media campaign that are affecting your business. You will see conversions, which is the number of people who achieved a desired result such as filling out a contact form, making a purchase, or entering a contest. Engagement is the total number of likes, shares, and comments on a post, which allow you to see what kinds of posts are most effective among your followers. Impressions are the total number of people who see your post, and reach is the size of the audience that each post is reaching. Engagement, reach, and impressions are the three major factors that determine who sees your posts, where they are from, how much a sponsored post will cost, and a dozen other factors. By tracking the growth of engagement, reach, and impressions, we are able to directly correlate that upwards trend with the success and growth of your business to determine how beneficial each platforms effort’s are towards your business’ bottom line.

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