What is Content Marketing?

At Today’s Business, we know and believe that content is king. Today’s Business offers a unique, fully customizable, Content Marketing program for all of our clients. This program starts with a TB team member and the client coming up with ideas to create sharable content on behalf of the client, and then sharing it across social accounts, niche websites, and major publications on the web. Content Marketing is an excellent method for reaching new audiences across platforms, and is also a popular tool for SEO.

Why Content Marketing?

The pieces of content created for each client are unique depending on the client’s specific needs. The Content Marketing team will develop a content plan for your website to ensure your website has relevant, correct, and optimized content. This will help with SEO efforts, and will also make your website user-friendly so that visitors are able to find what they are looking for. A content plan may consist of service pages, about us pages, and/or a business blog.

How Content Marketing Works

Content Marketing also consists of creating content that will be published on other media platforms including niche websites and major online media outlets. Each piece of content created will have a link pointing back to the client’s website, and traffic generated from each article and subsequent links will be monitored and reported. All it takes is one piece of great content to go viral, and thousands of new visitors will be crawling your website or visiting your business.

At Today’s Business, we have relationships with a wide variety of popular publishers looking to post your unique content on their website. These relationships allow us to help our clients reach new audiences and expand their business, while also increasing SEO.

Content Marketing is the Future

Content Marketing is the marketing method of the future. Rather than creating blatant advertisements, content marketing allows our clients to access their audiences through valuable and relevant content. Learn more about the Content Marketing services available by the experts at Today’s Business, alongside the rest of our Digital Advertising services. Contact us today by calling 973-575-1600, or send us an email at info@tbsmo.com.

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