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About Beam CBD Affiliate Program

Beam is a functional supplement brand at the forefront of sleep health and all-day wellness – Beam products are crafted with science-backed natural ingredients ranging from proprietary nano CBD to clinically proven Ashwagandha KSM66. From day to night, Beam has what you need for better sleep, stress management, immune support, heart health, cognitive focus/energy, and more. Trusted by top athletes and wellness experts alike, including Mat Fraser, Billy Horshcel, Danica Patrick and Baker Mayfield.

Beam Affiliate Program Benefits

By signing up for the Beam affiliate program, you will receive the best commissions in the wellness / CBD industry! The Beam affiliate program is on the Impact affiliate network with Program ID 14102. Additionally, Beam affiliates will receive the following benefits: 

Base RevShare Payout with Opportunity for Increase

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7 Day Cookie Window

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Willing to Provide Exclusive Affiliate Discounts

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Fresh Content & Creatives Provided Regularly

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Dedicated Account Manager to Facilitate Any Request


Opportunity to Receive Products for Review


Opportunity for Product Giveaways for Your Audience

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Beam CBD Dream Powder
Beam Core Immune Support
Beam Focus Capsules
Beam Revive Capsules
Beam The One Hemp Seed Oil

Target Audience

Beam products are designed to work for everyone no matter your age or gender.

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50% Female

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50% Male

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Ages 18+

Geo Target

United States

Canada (Non-CBD Products)

Mexico (Non-CBD Products)




Top 5 Selling Products

Bloggers & Social Influencers

Bloggers and influencers are the publishers who will see the most success in driving traffic as part of the Beam affiliate program. By creating original content, product reviews, and roundups, bloggers help inform the public of how Beam can improve their health. If you have an engaged audience and are interested in becoming part of Beam’s growing brand and mission please reach out to us through our email at affiliate@tbsmo.com and we would be happy to talk!

Allowed Traffic

Beam is primarily focused on US traffic but Canada and Mexico is allowed for non-CBD products. The Beam affiliate program has witnessed high success with various forms of traffic, including Content, Social Media, Video, Product Review, SEO, Coupon, Deals, Cashback, Loyalty, Comparison Shopping, Toolbar, Mobile, CPA Network, Paid Search (Non-Branded), Sub-Affiliate Networks, and Email.

Publisher Support

At Today’s Business, we are committed to long-term, mutually beneficial brand-publisher relationships. Our affiliate team is always available to answer any questions through our affiliate@tbsmo.com email. If you would like any more information on joining the Beam affiliate program or still have unanswered questions feel free to reach out and a member of our team will be with you shortly!

Let’s Make Money Together!

Looking to bring in more visitors to your site while also earning a competitive commission? The Today’s Business affiliate program is a great way to do so. We are excited to learn more about your unique community and how we can help you partner with brands you love. If you are ready to take the next step in growing your influence, sign up now!