Affiliate Marketing Internship

Who We Are:

Today’s Business is one of the most respected affiliate management agencies in the industry. We manage affiliate marketing programs for some of the largest brands in fashion, food, health + wellness, and sports.

What We’re Looking For:

We are looking for Junior or Seniors in college who are passionate about digital communications and influencer marketing. Our interns will be expected to work at least 15 – 20 hours per week and will be treated as if they were full-time employees. Our internship program is designed to show you what it takes to succeed in the digital marketing world. The purpose of our internship program is to find talented individuals and groom them into affiliate marketing professionals who can join our team full-time.

Qualities of a Successful Intern:

  • Attention to detail
  • Self-motivated
  • Efficient
  • Ability to work & learn independently + quickly
  • Excellent communication and organization skills
  • Ability and desire to work on your own as well as in a group
  • Public Relations, Journalism, Business, Marketing, Advertising, and Communication majors are preferred
  • Must have the ability to improvise, learn quickly, and troubleshoot effectively
  • Owns a computer monitor for dual screen use

You Will Participate In And Learn About:

  • Basic business/marketing skills & platform training
    ○Google suite
    ○ Teamwork (Project Management System)
    ○ TeamMates (Proprietary CRM built by Today’s Business)
  • How affiliate marketing works
    ○The online customer journey
    ○Affiliate Networks

Interested in an Affiliate Marketing Internship?

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