Brooklake Country Club: A Digital Marketing Case Study (March ’13-August ’13)

Executive Summary

Today’s Business was hired by Brooklake Country Club to provide Social Media Management and SEO Services. Through consistent social posts, responding, and search listing optimization, Today’s Business has been able to increase the online presence and overall web traffic.

  • Organic Search is up 276% Year-over-year
  • Total New Users to website is up 443% (471% from organic search)
  • On average, there are over 100 new Facebook fans a month
  • 70% of impressions per month are viral
  • Over 1,000 followers on Twitter


Brooklake Country Club was struggling to get the attention they wanted because they were lacking an online presence. When Brooklake came to Today’s business for help, they had not been involved in social media or digital advertising at all.

Even though they had a website, the wrong contact information was provided and they weren’t taking advantage of any SEO opportunities. By missing out on so many different outlets to spread awareness of their brand online, they had very few Internet leads.

Another obstacle Today’s Business had to tackle was the countless negative reviews Brooklake had been receiving online. Reviews can really wound a company’s reputation and by starting with a negative reputation, Today’s Business had to put our best efforts forward to completely turn around Brooklake’s reputation.

How Product Helped

Today’s Business began by building Brooklake a new and responsive website. Responsive websites look more aesthetic when it comes to smaller screens, such as phones or tablets.  This began to help increase their website sessions by 273%.  We also helped Brooklake get more involved with SEO and SEM campaigns. This way their website would fall higher on search engines and redirect prospective clients back to their contact forms.

With the new SEO targeted content that Today’s Business was writing for Brooklake, we we’re able to increase the organic SEO traffic by 70%.

Then Today’s Business began to set up Brooklake’s social media presence. We claimed all of their social pages and began posting captivating content. We also tapped into audiences that Brooklake had never reached out to before like photographers and DJ’s. With all of this new engagement and content, Today’s Business was able to get Brooklake 100,000 Facebook impressions per month!

Lastly, Today’s Business was able to begin asking for more reviews to hopefully outweigh the bad and monitor what was coming in so that we could help Brooklake take action with any unsatisfied clients. With all of the success that we have seen from SEO and social media, it is safe to say that the reviews are no longer a hurdle that Brooklake has to worry about.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Through extensive SEO planning and strategizing, Brooklake Country Club is listed on the first page when searching for “Country Club Weddings”.  In combination with our Social Media Management efforts, Today’s Business was able to bring the organic search up by 1,293%. Not to mention the pages per session are up by 49% as well.

Just looking at the Social Media side of things, Today’s Business was able to extremely increase their online presence. Each month the content posted on Facebook accumulates around 100,000 impressions. The impressions on Twitter are similar because they have gained around 5,000 impressions a month.  The engagement on Facebook is around 8% on average, which is very difficult to achieve with so many fans.