Cabinets Direct USA: Case Study (November 2012- November 2013)


`Today’s Business is a valued partner in my strategic marketing decisions and I rely upon their expertise to ensure I meet business goals.” -Dave Lubekin

Executive Summary

Today’s Business began working with Cabinets Direct USA in 2012. Cabinets Direct started with 3 showrooms throughout New Jersey and has grown to 5 throughout the duration of the campaign. Today’s Business has provided them with Website Development, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Digital and Traditional Media Buying, Graphic Design and Reputation Management for the past 3 years.

  • Cabinets Direct USA currently has a beautiful desktop and mobile website.
  • Website Traffic has increased over 357% in the past year and Page Views have gone up 118% with user bounce rate decreasing by 90%.
  • Social Media website traffic increased 781% in the past year.


Before Cabinets Direct USA began working with Today’s Business, they had no documentation of website traffic or overall ROI for their marketing efforts. They had very little social media presence and a poorly designed website. They wanted to increase traffic to their brook and mortar stores, as well as increase awareness of stores to open. Prior to working with Today’s Business, they had been doing TV Advertising, Print Advertising, Billboards among other traditional forms of advertising. They had very minimal online presence and had trouble tracking what advertising efforts were effective, and which were not.

How Product Helped

Today’s Business not only increased their online footprint; we provided geo-targeted marketing efforts that helped successfully launch two new stores. Today’s Business has also developed a desktop and mobile version of their website.  As for social media, we have launched Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Google + and Houzz profiles.

In order to increase website traffic, Today’s Business has begun using Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Retargeting and Digital Media Buys.

By utilizing call tracking software and tracking programs, we are able to provide a clear ROI for almost all marketing efforts. This helps provide clear guidance for all future marketing efforts.

Cabinets Direct has transitioned its traditional marketing efforts to a complete digital effort throughout the duration of the campaign.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Cabinets Direct USA currently averages over 8,000 website sessions per month. This is over a 333% increase within the past year and has contributed in growing Google Search Impressions by over 457%.  The drastic increase in Google Impressions has increased organic website traffic by 357%.

Based on the increase in traffic to their website, phone calls and contact form submissions have increased by over 350%.  All locations rank #1 on Google for over 100 non-branded keywords, including all manufacturer keywords in New Jersey.

The organic search success has led to lowering Google PPC advertising spends by 60%. This has allowed for those marketing dollars to be spent on new efforts such as the launch of new stores.

Local targeting, both paid and organic, has led to a consistent growth of newly targeted leads, growing at an average rate of 10% per month.  Local success has come from both branded marketing as well as non-branded traffic. Location citations have increased 600% throughout the past year averaging over 35 citations per month, per store location (over 175 per month total).

Website traffic from social media platforms has increased by over 780%, contributing to over 150 leads per month.  Facebook engagement has increased over 800% averaging over 100,000 impressions per month, with 5,000 engaged users. Daily engagement and monitoring is a large contributor to this success.

By establishing a strong Pinterest engagement, Google image search impressions increased by 400%, averaging over 500 image impressions per day.

Social media engagement has also helped to acquire over 6,089 backlinks and an increase in website authority by 150%.

A cohesive marketing approach has allowed Cabinets Direct USA to track advertising efforts both on and offline.   The increase in awareness in successful marketing approaches has allowed instant success to new locations and continued growth in pre-established stores.