Cali Carting: A Digital Marketing Case Study (December ’14- December ’15)

Executive Summary

Today’s Business was hired by Cali Carting to enhance their small online presence. Services provided to this client included development of a mobile site, organic SEO, and social media development and management. After implementing all above mentioned services and campaigns, Cali Carting began seeing a much higher ROI.

  • Organic Search is up 202%
  • Over 60 Contact forms a month and 400 calls from Organic Search per month
  •     Average over 91k Facebook Impressions per month
  • Over 750 engaged users per month on Facebook


Even though Cali Carting had a website, they were missing out on many different modern opportunities. For instance, they did not have a mobile site, which has increasingly more users each year, social media, and very little organic SEO. At this time, Cali Carting was also not seeing any return on ad spend for their pay-per-click management in place.

Mobile Internet usage has skyrocketed in the past 5 years. With more and more handheld devices being created, people have more time to search anything on the go. Since Cali Carting only had a functioning desktop website, they were missing an opportunity to expand their reach.

Social media is quite the same. With people joining new and exciting platforms each day, it is important to have your business visible on any platforms that you would find your target markets on. Cali Carting was missing out on an entire section of their audience by not being visible on any social media platforms.

Lastly, SEO has a major impact on the audience reach when it comes to digital advertising. Cali Carting was not properly utilizing their organic SEO efforts so that they would rank higher in search findings.

How Product Helped

To help Cali Carting enhance their online presence and increase their ROI, Today’s Business first set up some tangible goals to see the progress and success of the campaign. Then, TB created their mobile website and social media platforms, and set up a better organic SEO campaign.

With the new mobile website and the help of the SEO campaign, website traffic has been up 154% and new users from organic search has increased up to 191%. TB was also able to increase the non-branded keyword impressions by 257%, which has led to 239 new users!

Success was also seen with the social media campaign that TB implemented. By using backlinks to the website, traffic driven from social media has increased by 1760%. Cali Carting sees around 20k viral impressions on their Facebook each month. This may be due to the new amount of page fans that TB has been able to acquire through this campaign. Cali Carting now has 6,170 fans on their page.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Cali Carting has seen the success that digital advertising can bring to a company with the help of Today’s Business. Since they have been working with TB, Cali Carting has been able to achieve many of their goals and even exceed them.

With the new mobile site, social media campaign, and organic SEO campaign, the audience reach has expanded. This can be seen through all of the new traffic driven to the website and the amount of conversions that Cali Carting has received since starting a digital advertising campaign through Today’s Business.