Insurance Agency: Digital Marketing Case Study

Executive Summary:

An insurance agency with a narrow target audience hired Today’s Business to instill a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Today’s Business provided the following services: responsive website design, social media, SEO and SEM.  Over a period of six months, the strategy yielded the following results:

  • 63% increase in overall traffic (4,701 v 2,551)
  • 153% increase in leads through website
  • 129% increase in social media traffic
  • 113% increase in duration of average session from social media (3:26 v 1:36)


A restaurant insurance agency focuses on providing quality business insurance products and services to restaurants. Being that the target audience for a company such as this client’s is so niche, a thorough digital marketing strategy needed to be put in place in order to reach this audience effectively. With a nonresponsive website, minimal digital presence and no social media presence, the client’s online visibility was at a low.

How Services Helped:

Today’s Business began by creating a custom responsive website that would clearly attract this narrow audience of the client. A responsive website allowed user-friendliness, resulting in customers spending more time on the website and finding what they needed.

Incorporation regular onsite and offsite blogging increased the digital presence of the client. In addition to this, Today’s Business created social media accounts for the client on Facebook and Twitter and maintained an active, informational presence on each of the platforms through content calendar creation.

Results, ROI and Future Plans:

A concrete SEM, SEO and social media strategy pointed the user to a specific landing page on the website. The power of this strong strategy paired with a responsive, user-friendly website proved effective with the user. Within the six month period, the client saw an 88% increase in new users to the website and a 37% increase in goal conversion rate. In addition, there was a 104% increase in social media new users.

With a narrow target audience such as that of this client, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is necessary in order to reach that niche market in every way possible. Today’s Business helped this insurance agency cover all possible online ground with a strong, information presence.