Cleveland Cavaliers Social Media Monitoring Case Study

[invicta_heading primary_line_html_elem=”h2″ primary_line=”Social Media Monitoring Case Study (July ’13 – July ’14)” primary_line_keywords=”Monitoring” secondary_line=”We provide social media monitoring to help deliver sales, customer service and fan engagement.” secondary_line_keywords=”social ,media,monitoring,customer,service,fan,engagement”][invicta_steps animation=”animated” icon_1=”icon-time” icon_2=”icon-pencil” icon_3=”icon-bar-chart” name_1=”24/7 Monitoring” text_1=”A team member monitored all social media accounts during off-hours, weekends, and holidays, responding to interactions and logging different notable conversations.” name_2=”Daily Reporting” text_2=”Every morning at 8AM, we provide the client with a report of all social media interactions that took place during the previous off-hours.” name_3=”KPI Reporting” text_3=”Our team would make recommendations based on local trends, types of content that we saw were successful during off-hours, and patterns we found in analytic tools.”]
[invicta_heading primary_line_html_elem=”h2″ primary_line=”Social Media Statistics ” primary_line_keywords=”Social ,Media,Statistics” secondary_line=”Even though we monitored the off-hours of the day, our team was still able to produce huge gains in fan bases, all while providing speedy response time.”]
[invicta_progressbars title=”Social Response Time” graphic_values=”2 |Started,5|Weekday Response Time,14|Weekend Response Time” animation=”animated” units=”min”][invicta_progressbars title=”KPI’s” graphic_values=”12|TB Suggested Context ,10| More Retweets ,14| More Contest Engagements ” animation=”animated” units=”X”]
[invicta_progressbars title=”Fan Page Growth” graphic_values=”70|Facebook Fan Page Growth,78|Twitter Fan Page Growth” animation=”animated” units=”%”][invicta_progressbars title=”Influence Level Growth” graphic_values=”92|Negative Mentions Converted to Positive,100|Content Engagement” animation=”animated” units=”%”]
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