The Role of Internal Linking in Prioritizing SEO Page Value

Preface: In developing a website, links are most commonly understood in their most basic function – they allow a user to get from one page to another. Consequently, website developers will [...]

Healthy Meal Service Company Sees Success from Search Engine Marketing

Preface Preparing meals and eating healthy can be challenging. Entrepreneurial food services have taken advantage, offering prepared meals to be delivered straight to your doorstep. But the [...]

Examining the Impact of AMP on Local Business Posts

Preface In the current state of digital marketing SEO, content is a crucial component for improving a website’s relevance and domain authority within search engines. The challenge, however, is [...]

Benefits of Optimized Organic Search for a Multi-Physician Ophthalmologist

Preface In the digital age, all medical practices heavily rely on search results in order to facilitate new patients in discovering the practice and to aid returning patients in making [...]

A Glimpse at a Mortgage Company’s Monthly SEM Success

Preface Advertising is a major factor in the mortgage industry. More so than other areas of business, the mortgage industry is especially reliant in getting the word out about financing options [...]

Multi-Physician Fertility Practice Sees Success from Search Marketing

Preface Fertility is an issue that affects many people, but is not necessarily something that everyone who is affected is comfortable talking about with others. Often times, these types of [...]

The Digital Optimization of a Local Medical Client

Preface The digital and social needs of clients differ tremendously based on various factors that include, among other considerations, type of industry, goals, and size of company. One of the [...]

A Facebook Marketing Case Study for a Non-Profit Organization

Preface Facebook has come a long way since it first burst on the digital scene in 2006. Starting primarily as a means for college and high school students to more effectively communicate with [...]

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