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About Jinx

Jinx is a premium line of dog food designed for the “modern dog” – meaning your dog is not a wolf! Dogs’ evolutionary needs have changed, which is why Jinx was created. Jinx products are made with all Organic ingredients and there is nothing on the product ingredients label that you would need to Google search to find out what it is. Jinx has worked with the best formulators, nutritionists, regulatory specialists and manufacturing partners in the industry to meticulously craft a series of dog food products best suited for moderately active pups. Additionally, they have some very high profile investors such as actor Will Smith, NFL Athletes Odell Beckham Jr. and Michael Strahan, along with musicians Halsey and Nas.

Jinx Affiliate Program Benefits

Being a publisher for the Jinx affiliate program, you will earn the highest commissions in the dog food industry! The Jinx affiliate program is on the affiliate network, Rakuten with a Program ID of 45890 – which is one of the most well known affiliate networks to be a part of! Jinx provides better and healthier nutrition for your fur babies! By becoming an affiliate for Jinx you will receive many other benefits, including:

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Target Audience

Jinx’s target market primarily consists of pet parents who take pride in how they care and connect with their fur babies. Jinx provides dog parents all the information they need to confirm that their dogs are getting better nutrition! All ingredient selections have enriched and functional benefits across all recipes. Nutrition is the most important pillar of dog wellness and an up-front investment will allow modern dogs to live their best lives.

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Bloggers & Influencers

If you are a pet blogger, dog influencer, or simply have a dog and a highly engaged audience then it probably makes sense for you to join the Jinx affiliate program. We’ve found that bloggers with large followings in the dog food space are able to earn great commissions by creating informative content and/or product reviews to introduce new users to the brand. Dog influencers have also performed very well showing off their favorite food to all of their furry friends! If you are interested in becoming a publisher for Jinx, please reach out to our Affiliate Team at affiliate@tbsmo.com!

Allowed Traffic

If you have U.S. Traffic on your site, you can work with Jinx! The Jinx affiliate program has had success with Content traffic, because of its capability to reach new consumers over a longer duration of time, as well as the popular bloggers in the pet influencer industry. Other types of traffic we have worked with in the past are Product Review, Cashback, Loyalty, and Sub-Affiliate Networks. If you have any other traffic sources and are interested in Jinx, please reach out to affiliate@tbsmo.com for review!

Publisher Support

The Today’s Business Affiliate Team is here to help you make the most out of a partnership with Jinx. If you are interested in joining the Jinx affiliate program or have any questions regarding the program, simply reach out to affiliate@tbsmo.com and someone will be in touch shortly!

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The Jinx affiliate program will benefit your visitors, as well as grow your audience on your website while earning a competitive commission on every sale you drive from Jinx’s premium products. Are you ready to start earning revenue with the Jinx affiliate program? Sign up now!