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About Ritual Zero Proof

Ritual Zero Proof is the first American-made spirit alternative to use all-natural botanicals to echo the taste, smell, and burn of liquor – but without the alcohol. Ritual Zero Proof was made for those who want to craft a fantastic cocktail, but without the side effects of consuming alcohol. From the premium line of Ritual Zero Proof all the products are gluten free, allergen free, have no peanuts or tree nuts, and no added sugar. The Tequila and Gin have no calories at all and the Whiskey has only 10 calories from only natural sugars – making this a great alternative for those who are health conscious, diabetic, following specific diets, or even pregnant (please consult with your physician prior to consumption if you are breastfeeding or pregnant)! 

Ritual Zero Proof Affiliate Program Benefits

Signing up for the Ritual Zero Proof affiliate program presents the opportunity for your site to earn one of the best commissions in the affiliate industry! The Ritual Zero Proof affiliate program is on the Awin affiliate network – which is one of the best networks in the industry! Ritual Zero Proof offers only finest ingredients with all natural flavors and natural sugars (very LOW), little to no carbs, making this the perfect alternative to alcohol. By participating as an affiliate publisher for the Ritual Zero Proof campaign, you will receive many additional benefits, including:

Base 5% RevShare Payout with Opportunity for Increase

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Target Audience

The Ritual Zero Proof target market includes those who are interested in living a healthy lifestyle, cocktail enthusiasts, recipe influencers, entertainers, and more. Ritual Zero Proof is truly for anyone, as it provides consumers with more choices, but also doesn’t give you that horrible hangover feeling the next day!

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The Ritual Zero Proof affiliate program is looking for bloggers, who are able to create enticing and unique content about the Ritual Zero Proof premium products with a product review, as well as their overall experience with the brand. Also, the Ritual Zero Proof’s campaign is searching for influencers who are parents, health conscious, following specific diet restrictions, pregnant, etc. who can capture the packaging, taste, and experience of the Ritual Zero Proof’s superior products. If you are interested in getting involved with Ritual Zero Proof, please reach out to our Affiliate Team at affiliate@tbsmo.com!

Allowed Traffic

If you have U.S. Traffic, you are eligible to sign up for the Ritual Zero Proof affiliate program! The Ritual Zero Proof affiliate program has possessed the most success through Content traffic, because of the longevity, as well as the high demand for this new niche market. Alternative types of traffic we have worked with in the past are Social Media, Video, Product Review, SEO, Cashback, Loyalty, Comparison Shopping, Toolbar, Mobile, CPA Network, and Email.

Publisher Support

The Today’s Business Affiliate Team is here to help you make the most out of a partnership with Ritual Zero Proof. If you are interested in joining the Ritual Zero Proof affiliate program or have any questions regarding the program, simply reach out to affiliate@tbsmo.com and someone will be in touch shortly!

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The Ritual Zero Proof affiliate program will allow you to earn highly competitive commissions on new premium beverages. Are you ready to start earning revenue with the Ritual Zero Proof affiliate program? Sign up now!