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Our Digital Marketing Consulting Services

No matter if you are a small or large business, we oversee your entire marketing strategy from start to finish. We help grow your business through careful strategy and planning. Here’s what our digital marketing consultants can do for you.

Marketing Performance Audit

Our digital marketing consultants conduct in-depth audits of your current campaigns. We perform SEO, SEM, Social Media, and KPI audits to assess your campaigns’ strengths and weaknesses, identifying areas for improvement and opportunities to grow in the future. Our audits provide great insight into where your business stands compared to competitors.

Competitor & Market Analysis

We review the competitive landscape, evaluating your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to show you where you stand from a market share and keyword rankings perspective. Our team will give you recommendations for your tailored strategy on how to beat out your competition and implement strategies they use to get you ahead. We also analyze your market audience during this time to give you recommendations on who we believe your company should be targeting.

Marketing Strategy Recommendations

Our team uses the knowledge from our performance audits and market research to create effective digital marketing strategies. We create an actionable plan to achieve your online marketing goals by creating tailored strategies for SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, and Social Media. We also develop plans based on lead acquisition, conversion optimization, and email marketing to help meet your long and short-term objectives.

Google Analytics Audit & Consulting

We provide fully data-driven analytics audits and consulting to improve your reporting systems. We guide you through which key performance indicators and metrics you should track according to your specific goals. We also help you establish measurable KPIs and integrate analytics tools to create marketing dashboards that improve your reporting system and allow you to keep track of your performance.

Website UX Recommendations

Our web team takes a deep dive into your website and presents your company with any red flags or items that should be addressed immediately. Once we review your website, our team will also make recommendations on the design of your website and how it can be enhanced to improve the user experience on your website.

Leverage our Consulting Services to Take the Next Step

Get the most value out of your digital marketing strategy using our consulting services in New Jersey. We have experience providing consulting services for multiple industries and have a track record for improving our clients’ performance. We’ll help you create marketing strategies that drive growth and bring new ideas to the table to help dominate the digital channels you want your business to succeed in. When it comes to choosing a digital marketing consultant, choose Today’s Business. Use the form below to get started on a free initial consultation!

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