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What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is a free online reporting tool designed to convert your data into informative, customizable reports and dashboards. It allows you to easily report on data from a wide variety of sources and tell your data story through easy-to-read charts and interactive filters. Today’s Business likes to use Google Data Studio because: 

  • It can visualize your data through customizable charts and tables
  • It makes reports interactive with data filters and date range controls
  • It allows your team to easily collaborate on reports
  • It has built-in sample reports to help speed up your report creation process
  • It is one of the few ways that you can combine data from multiple sources and integrate them together, providing a unique advantage for analysis.
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We are Google Data Studio Experts

Google Data Studio is the reporting tool of choice at Today’s Business, meaning that we’re using Data Studio reporting on every project to ensure that our clients can understand how their campaigns or website is performing each week, month, quarter, or year. Our digital marketing experts have years of experience working with Google Data Studio, creating dynamic and real-time reporting for our clients.

Using Super Metrics With Google Data Studio? We might be able to save you money!

We leverage super metrics connectors on all of our Google Data Studios, and we have been for years. Consequently, we have 100s of connectors with the platform and are grandfathered in at a great rate! Are you spending an arm or a leg on Super Metrics for your Data Studios? Let us know how many connections you need, what kind of reports you’re running, and we can give you a free quote on what working with us on your reporting will look like. During the process, we can also advise you on creating specific custom elements for your reports, or create a new report from scratch. With Google Data Studio, there’s a ton of flexibility.

Examples of How Today’s Business Uses Data Studio

Check out the following examples of how we’ve used Data Studio to report on clients’ data stories, such as creating customizable dashboards, interactive data visualizations, drill-down filters, branded reports, and much more. 

Dashboard for Paid Search Costs

DataStudio Example1
This is an example of how Today’s Business created a simple dashboard tailored to each campaign our client was running, where they were running, and the desired KPIs connected.

Checkout Analysis Dashboard

DataStudio Example2
This dashboard was created to coordinate with custom tracking that had been implemented for our clients booking flow. They valued elements such as proximity, order details, and success/fail rates for each user to complete the flow.

Location Page Search Console Dashboard

DataStudio Example3
This dashboard was created to provide the ability to study landing page information from Google Search Console. A custom dropdown system has been configured to enable the user to view pages by language or site section. This then alters all the affiliated graphs.

Customizing Your Reports with Google Data Studio

If you are working with Today’s Business as a new client, any use of Google Data Studio will be factored into your digital marketing strategy and monthly reporting. If you are in need of Data Studio expertise for your business, fill out the multi-step form below to get started. Once we understand what metrics you would like to see in your reporting, we will need access to your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads account, and Google Business Profile listings to properly set up your dashboards. From there, you’ll be able to look at your performance for all marketing channels in real-time. Contact us today to learn more about Google Data Studio and how we can streamline your reporting.

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