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Help your business by engaging your customers through Facebook by leveraging a decade + of experience on the platform.

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Our Facebook Approach

Since Facebook first launched in 2004, a lot has changed! What hasn’t changed is that Facebook is still one of the most popular social media tools with nearly 3 billion active users. Here at Today’s Business, we take advantage of this platform by creating effective and compelling content, as well eye-catching ads in order to boost your online presence and attract engaged followers. We develop customized marketing strategies based on your business goals and recommend new opportunities to reach your KPIs. We help expand your business by reaching new customers with engaging content, all while building relationships with your audience. Our team specializes in social media – in fact, we started as a social media marketing company back in 2011!

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Organic Marketing on Facebook

Our strategy to organic Facebook marketing includes consistently posting quality content, engaging with your audience in a timely manner, and taking part in group discussions. We are constantly updating and reviewing community response and engagement in order to create the perfect customer-to-business relationship. We also have our team members engage in Facebook Groups to spread business awareness and find new opportunities. For real estate specifically, promoting listings in Facebook Marketplace allows our team to spread the word of your business effectively and quickly.  We utilize tools like Sprout Social to help us achieve our organic social media goals.

Facebook Ad Management

We create Facebook campaigns to boost brand awareness and engage your customers in their decision making process. We specialize in creating both data-driven and people-based campaigns and continuously assess data through tools like Facebook Ad Manager and Google Analytics. We purposely boost our posts to catch the attention of your intended target audience, then evaluate their performance to ensure the campaigns are working effectively. Our ads are created for specific placements. Whether we want to use reels vs. regular feed ads, depends on A/B testing and educated decisions made by our team.

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Facebook Ad Examples

Take a look at the following examples of previous work we’ve done for Facebook Ads. More can be seen in our portfolio.

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Engage Your Business With Our Facebook Marketing Services

At Today’s Business, we offer Facebook management services that take care of ads as well as drafting and utilizing organic content to the best of our abilities. From creating your own personalized strategy to launching your ads and monitoring your performance, we provide a full solution to your social presence. With our Facebook marketing expertise, you will quickly get a return on your investment once you observe the improved results and effectiveness of using social media to help your business grow. Contact our team to help your business create and manage your social media presence across all platforms!

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