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Maintaining Your Website for Continued Success

Why is Website Maintenance Important?

If you aren’t committed to keeping your website fully maintained and up to date, you run the risk of issues arising that could be detrimental to your business. An unsecured site is an open invitation for malware and hackers, which could lead to the loss of personal and confidential information, as well as site access. Trust in ecommerce sites will plummet if your customers’ credit card information is compromised. Along with security reasons, website maintenance is crucial for outreach and social media integration, as well as user experience.

Providing a Positive User Experience for Years to Come

No matter how appealing or important the services you offer are, if your site doesn’t run properly, users are not going to convert. Issues like slow load times, broken contact forms, and more are detrimental to your user experience. Website maintenance from Today’s Business will ensure that your site runs smoothly, creating a positive user experience that never falters.

What Does Website Maintenance Include?

Our website maintenance department at Today’s Business takes all the necessary steps to keep your website up to date, whether that involves updating plugins or keeping an eye on codes of industry standards to ensure that your site is running to its highest potential. Other elements of TB’s website maintenance services include:

Website Updates

Keeping plugins, databases, and more up to date and running properly.

Problem Solving

Tackling on-the-fly issues that come up, from site crashes to broken forms.

Social Media Integration

Integrating social media so outreach and collaboration are effortless.

Website Security

Managing your site’s backend to protect sensitive information.

Looking for a Team Dedicated to Maintaining Your Website?

How are Website Development and Website Maintenance Connected?

Website maintenance and website development are closely connected at Today’s Business, as the development of a new website leads directly into maintaining that site for continued success. Our website development team will tailor your site to the way you interact with your target audience, and through website maintenance, we ensure that the website is secure and easy to use. When the look and design of your site align with its efficiency and functionality, you’ll easily capture your target market and keep them coming back for more.

Trust the Experts with Your Website

At TB, we have what it takes to manage and maintain industry-leading websites. Our team stays on top of the industry, always watching for new programs and advancements in website maintenance that will allow us to bring you positive results. You’ve worked hard to attain traffic and sales, and we want to help you maintain and increase your success through your website.

When You Trust Today’s Business with the Maintenance of Your Website - Your Website Will Serve as One of Your Most Valuable Assets.

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Explore Our Services that Complement Website Maintenance

Our departments work hand in hand with each other, because work integrated across departments ensures a consistent and cohesive product. The overall theme of who you are and what you want to see does not get lost in translation, and there is far less a chance of essential elements of your site maintenance being forgotten or overlooked. We offer a number of services that complement and work with our website maintenance team to promote client success, including:

Search Engine Marketing

With advanced API-driven management tools, we offer our clients the ultimate ROI on their digital advertising budget.

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Social Media Strategy and Management

Making social media campaign visions a reality on your site.

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Creative Services and Graphic Design

Creating visuals that fit your brand and enhance your website.

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Chemical Engineering
Law Firms
Physical Therapy
Plastic Surgery
Real Estate
SaaS Companies
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