The 10 Best San Francisco Influencers

San Francisco is one of the largest and most famous cities on the west coast. Its reputation and proximity to Silicon Valley has made San Francisco one of the most popular places for young professionals in recent years. However, once you get there, what do you do? That’s where our list of the top 10 best San Francisco influencers comes in. Each member on this list was chosen to help you get acquainted with San Francisco’s endless activities. Whether you’re looking for cool photo spots, great restaurants, or new and exciting places to visit, the influencers on our list are sure to help. Check them out!

Who are the best San Francisco influencers?

1)  Kate Ogata

Kate Ogata is a fashionista that has an eye for the newest trends. She is also an art director and has her own blog, The Fancy Pants Report, where she shares outfits of the day regularly. If you love fashion and food, then you should definitely check out Kate’s page!

San Francisco influencer Kate Ogata Instagram Feed Image

2)  Aleksandra Zee

This talented woodwork influencer creates and designs different woodwork and accents. Aleksandra Zee is not only very skillful but she regularly shares photos with her 119k followers on Instagram of her unique wood creations. A great influencer for new residents to get home décor inspiration!!

Aleksandra Zee Instagram Feed Image

3) Heidi Swanson

Are you looking for the next best recipe to use, then this is an influencer you don’t want to miss. Heidi Swanson is a cookbook author of many books such as “Super Natural Cooking,” “Near and Far Recipes Inspired Home and Travel”, and so much more! San Francisco is a city full of great food but if you’re a new resident looking to cook something amazing Heidi is the San Francisco influencer for you to follow!

Heidi Swanson Instagram Feed Image

4)  Hee Jin Lee

Hee Jin Lee is a true San Francisco aficionado who documents her daily activities, food recipes, travel, and adorable animals!  She has a popular TikTok account where she posts different types of foods, whether it’s Mom’s dumplings,  sushi or desserts, Hee shows it all!

One of the best San Francisco influencers Hee Jin Lee Instagram Feed Image

5)  Nik Sharma 

Nik Sharma is an incredibly accomplished influencer and author noted by his 2-time appearance as a James Beard finalist for his works The Flavor Equation and Season. This talented creator shares delicious, healthy recipes that are not only tasty but perfect for any occasion!

Nik Sharma Instagram Feed Image

6)  Coconut Rice Bear

This four-legged cutie has become popular on Instagram with over 457k followers! Coconut Rice Bear is a white samoyed dog who shares her daily routine which includes, napping, walking, cuddling and so much more. She even has her own merch store and  TikTok account!

Coconut Rice Bear Instagram dog influencer from San Francisco

7)  Adrienne Young

This travel influencer always has the trendiest and cutest outfits for each occasion. Adrienne Young is a San Francisco based influencer who shares and captures captivating travel pictures of her adventures. Great for those looking for new, cool locations in and around the golden gate city!

Top San Francisco influencer, Adrienne Young Instagram Feed Image

8)  Jenn Yee

If you’re a pastry lover then you’re going to love the next person on our list, Jenn Yee. Jenn shares her love for pastries through mouth-watering videos and pictures. Whether it’s the trendy croissant cereal or delicious pumpkin cake, Jenn covers all the latest bakery trends!

Jenn Yee Instagram Feed Image

9)  Kelly Huibregtse (@asideofsweet)

This influencer is a full-time NICU doctor and digital creator that shares content on travel, remodeling homes, and food.  Kelly is San Francisco based and has her own Youtube channel where she offers different recipes and DIY instructions to make the most aesthetic display for guests to come over!

Kelly Instagram Feed Image

10)  Katie Newburn

This influencer shows her love of photography by taking captivating photos of food,  her farm, and her lifestyle. Katie Newburn documents her life and daily activities throughout San Francisco + Oregon and shares it with her 73,000+ followers.

Katie Newburn Instagram Feed Image

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