The Best Gifts for Lacrosse Players

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If you have someone on your shopping list who is a big lacrosse player or fan then you’ve come to the right place. Our Today’s Business family is very involved in the lacrosse community so we often find ourselves looking for cool gifts for lacrosse players. We’ve learned that shopping for lacrosse players can be difficult so we compiled a list of top lacrosse gift ideas to make it easy for you. Below you’ll find some of the best gifts for lacrosse players and fans in 2022.

What are the best gifts for lacrosse players this year?

Best Gift for Lacrosse Players: Brave Heartz NFT

Best Overall Gift: Brave Heartz NFT

  • Includes amazing personal experiences with the world’s best pro lacrosse players
  • Rare collectible
  • Will increase in value over time
Best Lacrosse Cleats: New Balance FreezeLX v4 LE

Best Cleats: New Balance FreezeLX v4 LE

  • Unisex
  • Light & Comfortable
  • Unique style
Best Compression Shorts for Lacrosse Players: WOLACO North Moore Short

Best Compression Shorts for Lax Players: WOLACO North Moore Short

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Includes compression pockets
Best Lacrosse Head: Warrior Evo QX2-O Unstrung Head

Best Lacrosse Head: Warrior Evo QX2-O Unstrung Head

  • Built for elusive ball carriers
  • Less drag on groundballs
  • Meets all league specifications
Best Sunglasses for Lacrosse Players: Tomahawk Shades

Best Sunglasses: Tomahawk Shades

  • Sleek
  • Stylish
  • Affordable
Best Coast for Lacrosse Players: State & Liberty Down Puffer Jacket

Best Coat: State & Liberty Down Puffer Coat

  • Athletic Fit
  • Warm
  • Stylish
Best Gifts for Lacrosse Coach: Mugsy Chinos

Best for Lacrosse Coach: Mugsy Chinos

  • Superior comfort
  • Classy and clean look
  • Multiple styles
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Best for Indoor Lacrosse Player: Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Pro Turf Lacrosse Cleats

  • Great traction
  • Very comfortable
  • Clean look

#1 Best Overall Gift: Brave Heartz NFT

Imagine buying a rare trading card that grew in value over time and also gave you the ability to meet with the pro athlete on the card. Now stop imagining, welcome to 2022 where the power of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are bringing pro athletes and fans closer than ever before. The Brave Heartz Lacrosse Club is a revolutionary digital collectible started by professional lacrosse players Grant Ament and Rob Pannell. By purchasing one of their NFTs, owners receive:

  • Rare limited edition digital collectible
  • Signed platinum trading card
  • Free subscription to the Attack Academy
  • Access to virtual mentoring sessions with the pros
  • Tickets to a game and a meet and greet with the pros

There is nothing else that exists like this in the lacrosse world. This truly is the best possible gift you can get for a lacrosse player or fan!

#2 Best Cleats: New Balance FreezeLX v4 LE

One thing all lacrosse players need is a nice pair of cleats. The New Balance FreezeLX v4 LE cleats are the newest and most stylish lacrosse cleats on the market right now. These lightweight cleats will have you moving up and down the field with ease. Everyone knows the line “look good, feel good, play good” and with the beautiful design of these cleats you will do just that. These cleats were an easy number 2 spot for the list as these will make any lacrosse player smile when opening up this gift.

#3 Best Compression Shorts for Lax Players: WOLACO North Moore Short

There’s nothing worse than a pair of low quality compression shorts. So get the lacrosse player in your life a pair of compressions that are built to last. WOLACO’s North Moore compression shorts were designed by a former Harvard lacrosse player and solve a lot of the issues that can be found with compression shorts. These shorts are thick and durable which allows them to maintain their quality even after rigourous use and washes. They are very snug yet quite comfortable at the same time which is a huge advantage. Finally, these compression shorts are great off the field for workouts as they have patented sweatproof compression pockets that hold your phone, keys, and other essentials. Lacrosse players are always cycling through compression shorts so get them a pair from WOLACO that they’ll love and that will last.

#4 Best Lacrosse Head: Warrior Evo QX2-O Unstrung Head

Warrior’s new Evo QX2-O is the real deal. This is a lightweight and very well designed head that will allow you to sling the ball like never ball. A lot of the pros are using this head so there’s no doubt it will be beloved by the lax star in your life.

#5 Best Lacrosse Sunglasses: Tomahawk Shades

Lacrosse players aren’t always on the field and when they’re off the field looking good and feeling good is important to lax players. Whether throwing some wall ball or boarding the bus to a game you’ll need a nice pair of shades to block the sun (and the haters). Tomahawk Shades sport sunglasses are perfect for any occasion. Tomahawk is a brand that was established within the lacrosse community and has some of the biggest lacrosse players in the world (Kyle Harrison and Chris Hogan) as co-owners. These shades are a great gift or stocking stuffer and will be loved by any lacrosse fans.

#6 Best Coat for Lacrosse Players: State & Liberty Down Puffer Coat

Most lacrosse seasons start in February and in a lot of places it is still very cold. Stay warm pre and post game with the State & Liberty Down Puffer Coat. This coat is made for athletes as it utilizes State & Liberty’s famous stretchy fabrics and is designed with an athletic build in mind. This coat is great for both lacrosse players and coaches who are located in cold environments.                        

#7 Best for Lacrosse Coach: Mugsy Jeans

Every lacrosse coach needs a nice pair of khaki pants for gameday. Mugsy’s khaki colored chinos are built for the modern lacrosse coach. They use stretchy flexible fabrics that are guaranteed to be the most comfortable pants you’ve ever worn. If you need to look professional while also being able to hop in a drill and demonstrate proper form you’ll have no problem getting it done in the Belmont chinos by Mugsy.

#8 Best for Indoor Lacrosse Player: Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Pro Turf Lacrosse Cleats

Indoor lacrosse players will absolutely love these Nike turf cleats. The outsoles of these are designed specifically to be worn on indoor turf; the design is excellent. They’re different than your traditional outdoor cleat which usually have hard plastic spikes structured along the edges. These are built with a crisscross rubber mold on the edges and sharper rubber pegs positioned throughout the center of the cleat. I found that this creates for great traction while maintaining a high level of comfort. You can find these along with a plethora of other great lacrosse products at

Common Questions About Gifts for Lacrosse Players

What are the best brands to shop for lacrosse players?

Warrior, New Balance, Tomahawk Shades, WOLACO, and State & Liberty are all brands that lacrosse players love. We definitely recommend starting your search at their online stores. You can also find a ton of great products at

What makes a good gift for a lacrosse player?

Lacrosse players love things that are cool, practical, and high quality. We think the list of products we suggested above cover all three of these areas.

Do different lacrosse positions require different gifts?

This is a great question. If you don’t know what position the lacrosse player in your life suits up at then you should probably avoid buying cleats or other on field gear. In this instance we’d recommend going with a collectible like the Brave Heartz line or possibly off the field items like sunglasses or apparel.