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As customer expectations continue to evolve, brands and retailers must find effective ways to meet their needs. Every business that sells products to consumers, in-store or online, knows how important it is to pull in sales. At Today’s Business, our team of experts proudly provides retail and ecommerce companies with high-quality digital marketing services to build brand visibility, increase customer loyalty, and boost revenue.

Whether you run a downtown boutique, a shopping mall chain, a big-box retailer or online retailer, we will leverage our deep knowledge and expertise to create a tailored marketing plan that delivers measurable results.

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Our Experience and Priorities Marketing for Retail Businesses

Our digital marketing experience spans across many industries. In the retail space, we’ve been able to accomplish the following for our clients:


Worked with retail businesses at all stages of their life cycle – from just starting up to expanding


Created e-commerce portions of websites that integrate both in-store pickup and delivery


Managed chains that span multiple states and locations

Retail Marketing Priorities

User Experience

In the world of retail, customer satisfaction is the top priority. In order to create the optimal user experience, our team strives to answer the following questions about your customers: What do they want from the site? How will they interact with it? What is the competition doing that they like or dislike?

High-Value Lead Generation

As a retail or ecommerce business, generating leads and ultimately sales, is extremely important. Getting users on your website is a vital step, but there’s more to be done. We will work to ensure that customers visiting your website are in your target market and have the tools they need to make a purchase they are happy with.

Responsive Web Design

When potential customers look for the products that you sell, the journey needs to be seamless. We will ensure that your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, whether they’re on a desktop or mobile device. In addition, strategies such as SEO can increase traffic to your site and help to move the process forward.

Security and Compliance

When a user visits your retail website, it may be their first impression of your brand. When you have a strong and reliable cybersecurity infrastructure, you’ll never have to question the safety of your site. We’ll guide you through our recommendations for the correct SSL certificate, as well as potential issues that may come from handling user data.

Well-Managed AdSpend

One wrong choice on the settings of your keyword bidding, and you can lose your entire budget. Our experience marketing retail brands covers multi-channel and single-channel approaches through social advertising, paid search campaigns, influencer marketing campaigns, remarketing, and more. We’ll tailor your budget with the goal of maximizing ROI, and present you opportunities you may be missing out on.

Offsite Engagement

Whether it’s social media, remarketing, display campaigns, a forum, or just writing a good blog, you need to be where your audience is, be present as a member of the community. Creating a campaign to follow your target demographic around the internet will keep your brand top of mind.

Let Today’s Business be your destination for all your digital marketing needs.

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