Today’s Business needed to show clients how social media campaigns can deliver strong return on investment (ROI).

Today’s Business is a digital advertising and social media optimization company that offers a wide range of marketing-related services with clients across the healthcare, leisure and sports industries. Headquartered in New Jersey, Today’s Business’ mission is to help its clients expand their influence by solidifying their brand image through social media.

The Challenge

The agency develops marketing campaigns using a range of media; including social media, websites, online advertising, and printed brochures. Customers were increasingly asking for more analysis to show how their marketing campaigns were performing, and in particular, which individual campaigns, images or posts were delivering the most direct sales leads.

“Previously, it was very tough to calculate ROI accurately on social media campaigns. ResponseTap has helped immensely. We can now place a specific phone number on each individual social media post – and can immediately attribute any leads generated to that campaign.”

Billy Ash, CDO and Managing Partner

The Solution

Flexibility and easy reporting

Using ResponseTap, Today’s Business allocates single telephone numbers to brochures, on-line advertisements, or social media posts, and immediately tracks which communication has prompted the customer to call.

Additionally, the agency allocates individual caller-tracking numbers to client websites; enabling them to fully track the individual customer’s journey, to gain detailed insight into customer behavior, and to measure the effectiveness of the website.

Today’s Business customizes ResponseTap reports to each client’s requirements, to include details such as the number of calls generated per campaign, the number of new or returning website visitors, or the time taken to answer telephone calls.

“Customizing ResponseTap reports is 100% straightforward and easy to do, and graphical dashboards display the data in a clear, user-friendly format that our customers love.”

Billy Ash, CDO and Managing Partnerent

The Results

New customers immediately benefit from timely, accurate analysis. One country club customer received 200 calls within the first month and with the help of ResponseTap, Today’s Business could directly attribute all of those calls to the new marketing campaign.

“ResponseTap is a valuable tool in our new business pitches. When we show customers the reporting and the statistics, they’re on-board right away. We can confidently tell clients, ‘Yes, we can track that.’ It’s a very powerful message!”

Billy Ash, CDO and Managing Partner

Better Analysis

ResponseTap is integrated with Google Analytics, enabling Today’s Business to see more detailed metrics including the number of sales conversions or the number of forms completed on-line. In addition, integration with Google AdWords enables the agency to track exactly which advertisement has generated which telephone calls to the customer.

“We developed a new campaign for a pediatric dentist that included both print and social media. Both campaigns were very successful and we could attribute the return directly to each medium. This was the first time we’d been able to deliver this depth of analysis,” said Anthony Acampora, Director of Digital Development.

“We also use ResponseTap to track the impact of different graphics. Every month we create a custom graphic for each of our clients and we can clearly see which are working best. Our analysis is so much better with ResponseTap,” continued Acampora.

Improved customer service

With the help of ResponseTap’s call monitoring feature, an Orthopaedic surgeon found that customers were waiting too long for the receptionist to answer the telephone. By improving efficiency at the front desk the client decreased the average waiting time to only a couple of seconds, and grew the number of answered telephone calls by 30%, just three months after going live.

Using ResponseTap, Today’s Business tracks new and returning visitors to the Orthopaedic surgeon’s website, revealing the impact of marketing campaigns in driving new business, how many of those website visitors translated to telephone calls, and what keyword triggered the call. Average talk time for each telephone call has increased by 6%, showing that the marketing campaigns are driving higher quality calls.

“I would absolutely recommend ResponseTap, especially in the social realm. It’s the best way to figure out which aspects of your marketing are driving most sales,” said Acampora.

“ResponseTap gives us total peace of mind – we can see exactly what is working for our clients, right away.”

Billy Ash, CDO and Managing Partner

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