10 Favorite Chrome Extensions For SEO

In the field of search engine optimization, we’re constantly searching for strategies and software to make our work more streamlined and efficient. When using Google Chrome, there are several Chrome extensions that can be utilized for SEO, but a handful stand above the rest. Whether focusing on domain authority, indexing issues, keyword research or link building, here are some the best Chrome extensions to use for SEO that we use on a regular basis at Today’s Business.


Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO tool that can help with various different aspects of search engine optimization. It offers a plethora of useful features such as keyword research, competitor analysis, position tracking, site audit, and backlink research. With Serpstat’s Chrome extension, website analysis is a simple click away. Rather than spending time reading through a full report, one click can give you a page’s top keywords, your page’s visibility index, and much more crucial information for SEO strategists. Serpstat is continually refining and improving itself, and has quietly become an excellent budget option for those needing a thorough SEO platform.



Mozbar, a Chrome extension of Moz and Moz Pro, offers similar features as Serpstat, but with more focus on domain authority. When it comes to SEO, ranking is your number one priority, therefore it’s crucial to pay attention to your page’s domain authority. The Mozbar plugin will provide you with metric details such as domain authority scores. It also gives you the opportunity to focus your queries based upon various demographics such as location and which search engine is being used. Mozbar is also unique because it provides an on-page highlighter and page overlay, which gives the user the ability to find and highlight different links by their link type, expose page elements, markup, and link metrics all in one plugin, making it extremely useful for all of your SEO needs. It can be glitchy, however, if you have several tabs open, so keep in mind that you may want to turn it to its passive mode so that you can at least see the domain authority indicator in the search bar.


BuzzStream’s Buzzmarker

Link building is one of the best ways to reach a broader clientele and build potential relationships, and BuzzStream’s Buzzmarker can expedite this process tremendously. Without leaving the site that you’re on, you can analyze it’s link usage, add websites and people to your list, and gain contact information all with one plugin. It also allows your team to compile one easily accessible contact list, streamlining connections and knowledge of relationships. Buzzmarker is the quickest and easiest tool to use to optimize your link building projects. One note: Buzzmarker does require a subscription to BuzzStream’s service.


SEO Review Tools

SEO Review Tools is a massive tool that consolidates several Chrome extensions into one. It’s a quick, free, and easy way to check the URL that you’re visiting and cross-reference it among 29 different SEO tools. It provides a full SEO scan, checks for broken backlinks, checks for keyword density, provides SEO content editing, and analyzes internal links. With these different tools, you can quickly optimize your page for search engine optimization.


Web Developer

The Web Developer Chrome extension provides aid to more technical aspects of SEO. With this added toolbar, it gives the user easy access to things on their site such as javascript, different layouts, a chance to view previews of different formats of the page, and other backend-style options. This can help you shape your page that way you want to, making it more user-friendly and optimal for use. It can also help discern indexing issues and page speed issues.

Link Miner

When it comes to SEO, broken links can be one of the biggest and most common burdens in the field. It’s vital to figure out which links are broken, analyze them, and fix them as fast as possible. With LinkMiner, you can analyze the links to get data on all links on a page. You’ll also be able to export the links and display their data next to each of the links that you’re viewing. Any information about the links on the pages you view can be accessed, assessed, and used when using LinkMiner.

This easy way to identify broken links can be super handy for gaining new backlinks from other sites as well. Browse the desired website for resources it’s linking to, and then use LinkMiner to see if there are any dead pages it’s linking to. Once you find some dead links, you can reach out to the target website with resources of your own to replace those that are missing.



BuiltWith is a useful plugin when it comes to deciding which technology to use when developing your own website and content. BuiltWith will analyze which technology that was used to develop the website that you’re visiting. It can help you figure out what was used such as widgets, analytics, frameworks, CDNs, hosting softwares, and more. This gives you the edge of figuring out which technology your competitors are using, as well as familiarizing yourself much faster with a website your about to work on.


Google Page Analytics

Google Page Analytics is a plugin that allows you to see how people are interacting with your webpage. It tracks which links are clicked and how often, overall page views, time spent on the page, and other important data regarding SEO. It displays this data in an easy-to-maneuver task bar above your browser, which allows you to compile the data and use it to optimize your website design and improve the overall user experience of your webpages.


Google Tag Assistant

Google Tag Assistant is the best tool to ensure that your tags are working correctly on your webpages. With an easy to use format, complete with color coding and smiley faces, Tag Assistant highlights any issues with the installed tags and can recommend solutions as well. Use this to consolidate your tags from such programs as Google analytics, Adwords, Conversion Tracking, Tag Manager, and more in a streamlined, easy to maneuver plugin.


Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail makes using email even easier. The top feature of this Chrome extension is having the ability to schedule emails and replies to be sent at a later date, including when you’re not online. It also allows you to keep track of important emails, receiving notifications when an email is sent, received, and even when they are read by the recipient. Boomerang also incorporates an AI called Respondable, which analyzes an email before you send it and computes the likelihood that you will receive a response in real time. For SEO, this can not only be a useful time management tool, but the use of Respondable makes link building all more likely.


With these Chrome extensions, and a little practice, search engine optimization will come to you quickly and easily. The overall goal of bringing more traffic to your page will seem like a less daunting one as you are able to analyze, assess, and adjust every aspect of your SEO strategy. However, even with these plugins, SEO can be a tricky field to understand. If it feels like you’re not getting anywhere, or even if you just need some advice or help, contact the TB Team and let the experts focus on getting your page the SEO quality you deserve.