If Content Marketing Were A Movie

Content marketing can be a confusing concept to grasp. Different from traditional marketing methods, content marketing aims to do more than push a product to one specific audience. Using engaging and useful content, this type of marketing serves to establish customer loyalty among both old and new customers.

A simple way to understand content marketing is to think about it in terms of a movie. Each factor that plays into content marketing has its own role and motives, be they good or bad. The general outline of the movie would look a little like this:

  • Leading Role: Your business
  • Supporting Roles: SEO, Content, Social Media
  • Antagonists: Inconsistency, Competitors
  • Plot: Your business is working tirelessly to market itself to the public. Doing so will lead to great success for your business. A few of the benefits you will reap from quality content marketing include ranking high in Google search results, attracting new business, and more traffic to your website. Unfortunately, some foes stand its way. Does your business have what it takes to defeat inconsistency and competitors and come out victorious?

Leading Role

Your Business

Your business is at the forefront when it comes to marketing. Without it, there would be nothing to market to the public! From the content that is released, to the shares it receives on social media, your business’ name is out there reaching new audiences and attracting new customers every step of the way.

Supporting Roles

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key component in content marketing. Having a good SEO strategy will allow your business to appear higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Without this component, there is a chance that people will not know that your company exists! Strong SEO efforts support your business by allowing it to be visible to anyone who searches for your services. This will help your business gain more customers and eventually their loyalty.

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Quality content supports your marketing efforts by reaching a variety of audiences. Content, such as blogs or videos, serves to engage your fans and keep them entertained while simultaneously developing loyalty to your brand. If they enjoy your blog post or feel like they can relate to it, chances are they will (a.) keep up with future blog posts and (b.) share your posts with their friends and followers, giving your business more exposure.

Social Media

Your business’ social media accounts serve as the link between the company and the customers, so it is important that all accounts produce content that customers want to see. Once blog posts are published, for example, it is a good idea to share those posts on websites like Facebook and Twitter. The better the post, the higher chance it has at being shared multiple times, which means more people will see it and come across your business’ services and products.



One of the biggest enemies your business may come across is inconsistency. Staying consistent with blogs, social media posts and all other content is crucial. It’s best to create a schedule to ensure you always have something to post across all platforms. If a potential customer comes across your Twitter and it hasn’t been updated in weeks, they might get the impression that your account, as well as your company, is inactive.


Your business will always be faced with competitors. The most important thing to do is ask yourself this: How will your business stand out from others offering similar services? This is where content marketing comes in. By releasing original and engaging content, your business will stand out from its competitors because despite the similar services you both provide, your company goes the extra step in an effort to interact with customers.

Allow Your Business to Benefit from Content Marketing

If you are interested in utilizing content marketing as a way for your business to attract new customers and develop customer loyalty, Today’s Business would be happy to help! Look through our list of extensive services and contact us today for more information.