Email Marketing


Any email you send on behalf of your business is considered Email Marketing. However, Email Marketing can quickly backfire if you do not have a sound strategy behind each email sent. At Today’s Business, we have experience building mailing lists, creating email copy, and designing an email that will be attractive to your audience in order to see the best possible results for each campaign.


The main objective of email marketing will be to provide your business with a direct push marketing effort. By leveraging your social media platforms and your website to gather more email addresses from your customers, we believe that sending out newsletters can be very beneficial. Today’s Business will develop a tab on your Facebook page so that we can also begin collecting email addresses. This email will be completely HTML coded and sent on a quarterly basis (recommended). The goal of the email marketing campaign is to create higher response rates, consistent branding and messaging, and to further position your company as an industry thought leader.


Every email your business sends should have a specific goal in mind. Today’s Business has analytic insight on the best time to send an email to guarantee that the most possible people are seeing your message. We will provide you with information regarding the rate people are opening your email, subscribing/unsubscribing, and taking the specified actions you have called for. This information will allow you to see a direct ROI on your email marketing campaigns. We will incorporate proper linking to your website and social accounts, drawing your audience to take action beyond reading your email.

If you are interested in connecting with your customers, increasing conversion, and directly marketing to your customers, then Email Marketing might be the perfect tool for your campaign. Our team of copywriters, marketing professionals, and graphic designers is ready to build you a perfect piece of email marketing material for your campaign. Contact Today’s Business to learn more about Email Marketing and the rest of our Digital Advertising services.