Influencer Marketing



TB Influence is a network where our broad variety of brands can find influencers and influencer deals that are tailored to the specific brand’s imaging and tone. Our network is a space where influencers and brands can sign-up for free, get approved, and then find influencer opportunities that the brands are offering. Our goal is for our brands and influencers to work together in the most comprehensive and ¬flexible influencer network and community.


A new and improved form of marketing, in the word of mouth type of way, that focuses around specific individuals rather than the target market as a whole and based through social media platforms and blogs.


With TB Influence, whether you are a brand or an influencer, the benefits are endless. This network allows influencers to have easy access to endless opportunities and market themselves.


  • Bobby Holland
    Bobby Holland Stuntman
  • Dani Evans
    Dani Evans Designer
  • DJ Sackmann
    DJ Sackmann Basketball Trainer
  • Filayyyy
    Filayyyy Social Media Personality
  • Justin Roberts
    Justin Roberts Youtube Star & Team 10 Member
  • Melanie Tillbrook
    Melanie Tillbrook Model
  • Monty
    Monty Musical Artist
  • Kristen Live
    Kristen Live Model
  • Melissa Alvarez
    Melissa Alvarez Social Media Influencer
  • Dolly Castro
    Dolly Castro Social Media Fitness Influencer
  • Brett Robinson
    Brett Robinson Big Brother 20 Contestant
  • Dee Murthy
    Dee Murthy Entrepreneur
  • Whitney Johns
    Whitney Johns Fitness Model
  • Davis Mallory
    Davis Mallory Musical Artist
  • Nickole Kugel
    Nickole Kugel Social Media Fitness Influencer
  • D’Juan Woods
    D’Juan Woods Fitness Expert/Trainer
  • Julita Kolcio
    Julita Kolcio Fitness Influencer
  • Zack Martino
    Zack Martino Musical Artist
    MCKENZIE FLINCHUM Dietitian Nutritionist & CrossFit Competitor
  • Tony Thomas
    Tony Thomas Fitness Expert/Trainer
  • Otto Balseca Jr.
    Otto Balseca Jr. Musical Artist
  • Jay Cardiello
    Jay Cardiello Fitness Expert & Celebrity Trainer
  • Antoine Adams
    Antoine Adams 2x Olympic Sprinter
  • Branden Patterson
    Branden Patterson NBA Player Development Coach
  • Chelsea Karpel
    Chelsea Karpel Model
  • Derynn Paige Scine
    Derynn Paige Scine Model
  • Diana Levy
    Diana Levy Personal Trainer & Model
  • Travis Tripucka
    Travis Tripucka former NFL Long Snapper and current NJ Real Estate Agent
  • Sabina Sevi
    Sabina Sevi Model
  • Emily Carrara
    Emily Carrara Fitness Influencer