Social Media Trends to Know in 2016

A New Year always brings excitement and change! As we reflect on all of our accomplishments and new resolutions, we begin to think of everything to look forward to in 2016. We all know social media changes daily, but a few trends begin to emerge as we enter this New Year. Here are the Social Media trends you need to know in 2016!

Video & Live Streaming

While most of us have been watching cat videos online for years now, this past year we found ourselves even more submerged in videos. According to Cisco, “video will account for 80 percent of global internet traffic” within the next three years. Wow!

Companies will need to develop more video content for their customer base, which has been easier with live streaming media and new apps, like Periscope. This app gave live streaming a new platform, and fans and consumers received authentic content.

We are excited to see the growth of Snapchat, which has seen triple the amount of views over the last year. And while YouTube is no longer the lone leader of video, it’s still strong in the game of video. Watch for the video explosion, as it happens before our eyes! Will your business take advantage?

Influencer Marketing

Have you ever bought something because someone (a celebrity or model) was wearing it on Instagram? It’s okay to admit it; you’re not alone. Big brands have turned to Influencer Marketing in a big way, and this will only continue into the New Year. Sure, we’ve seen celebrities take on endorsements, so why is this any different? Brands are turning to social influencers, AKA your favorite Instagram celeb, or favorite Vine account. See what happened when 50 Influencers wore the same Lord & Taylor dress on Instagram. (Spoiler alert: It worked out really well for L&T.)

Influencer Marketing via Instagram

Photos via Instagram

Click to Buy

While many platforms have joined the Click to Buy craze, watch for more platforms to jump on board! Facebook and Pinterest mobile users are already able to click on sponsored ads and buy! According to Shopify, over 90% of Pinterest’s users plan their purchases with the platform. What does this mean for business? Get ready to increase your e-commerce sales! Pinterest’s visual search gives each user a unique searching experience, letting them get the most out of one search.

Instagram has recently joined the party with its Shop Now button. This is a big step for Instagram, who had some trouble determining if this was the type of platform they would be. As its user base expanded, it seemed like a natural direction for most marketers. However, Instagram wanted to make sure its visual displays were not interrupted. The Shop Now button adds a new depth to the platform, and allows for brands to connect in a whole new way. With the addition of Instagram Ads, this platform is only growing as a front runner in the social media marketing tool kit.

Connect With Consumers

While we’ve known this for years, businesses are finally starting to figure out they need a social presence. It is the glue that holds your marketing efforts together. Consumers are begging for you to interact with them. Give in! This upcoming year, we will see how businesses connect on a different level with their consumers, whether it’s through more visual content, video, or a better e-commerce model. We’re excited to see where this next year takes us and how businesses will use these tools to their advantage. Now….back to cat videos!

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