13 Sports Twitter Accounts You Must Follow

The Baker’s Dozen: 13 Twitter Accounts Sport Fans NEED to Follow

This week’s piece will be on 13 Twitter accounts you MUST follow if you are a sports fan. I’ll go through some athletes, sports “personalities”, humorous parody accounts, and more. BY NO MEANS are these the TOP 13 accounts on Twitter in relation to followers, engagement, or even content. They are ones that give ME a sense of enjoyment, and a nice chuckle from time to time, which is what Twitter is really all about, #amiright? So sit back, relax, pull up the Twitter app on your phone (because who uses a computer thingy these days?), and get to following! (and reading!)

Let us begin with who else than the athletes themselves who make social media the ball of fun that it is. Athletes are by no means social media experts, although some really actually know what they are doing, but some just say really really really dumb things that get them into trouble and cause headaches for PR teams. Many times there are more social media fails from athletes than actual good, thought provoking content. I will dive into a few examples of these characters below who fall somewhere under the aforementioned spectrum.

  1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – @TheRock

Do you smell what The Rock is Tweetin, ya jabroni?

The Rock is an example of an athlete/personality that definitely knows what he is doing, or at least has the right social media team in place to make it seem as such. But he really does post some thought provoking content, ranging from inspiring/motivational quotes, promotion of his various ventures (movies, shows, products, etc.), and more.

Most of all, he is grateful, and shows love to his followers through this medium in a positive way. He is up with the times and takes advantage of the RT with comment feature effectively. He doesn’t say the wrong thing, he stays off controversial topics, and at least expresses unpopular views in a professional, non-controversial manner. Athletes, take note, if you can do your social like The Rock, you yourself will “rock”.2. Shaq – @SHAQ

Shaq Daddy, The Big Shaqtus, The Big Aristotle, or simply, and most famously, Shaq.

Whatever you call the big man, you can’t argue that he’s a big time follow on Twitter. Shaq is a big dude, with no shame, and has no problem making fun of himself, which I find to be some of the most engaging content he posts. He also does it effectively while promoting his products and sponsors. (in case you were wondering, yes, Shaq is a member of #TeamFruity)


We all love Shaq’s nonsensical banter with Kenny and Charles on the NBA on TNT broadcasts, and we get more than our fill during Playoffs time, but Shaq does not pull any punches on Twitter as well. But he keeps it PG, and there is a fine line for athletes for athletes on Twitter, and Shaq does not cross it. Just look how he roasted Reggie Miller a few weeks ago about the “Hack a Shaq”.

shaq2Booom, roasted, Reg.

Kudos to you Shaq, for being a funny big dude who can poke fun at himself, and for that, you get my follow.

3. Chad Johnson (Ochocinco – is that still a thing?) – @ochocinco

“85 is doing good. Ochocinco is going to be the show. Chad is focused. You put ‘em all together and you know what you get? Sexy.” –Chad Ochocinco

Out of the athletes I have highlighted, Chad is by far the most controversial on social media, as he was throughout his football career, weighting in on current topics and voicing his opinions and concerns with no fear of backlash (it’s a lot easier when you’re technically no longer a “pro” athlete). Which in one way, that is something to be respected, a man that is not afraid to speak his mind, but he can at times be a PR Teams worst nightmare. (again, no longer with a team, so not that big a deal anymore)

chadOther times it’s great to see an athlete use Twitter as many of us do. He is very easily accessible, and if you challenge him in video games like FIFA you may actually get a chance to play him online. Also if you call him out or say something negative, you may get a just as negative reply, which honestly to me, is refreshing. All the guy wants is some Mickey D’s at 4 am, can you blame him?

chad2So for that, my man Ocho gets the follow. (Just don’t fine me for saying so, NFL)

chad3Athletes aren’t the only sport figures worth following on Twitter. There are a handful of personalities, whether they are writers, reporters, owners and other influential industry characters that have caught my attention. Let us begin…

4. Darren Rovell – @darrenrovell

Into Sports Biz? This guy is a MUST follow.

Some dislike the ESPN Sports Reporter & Business Correspondent, question his validty/credibility as a reporter, but the guy posts some great stuff on Twitter! His feed is fill with state of the art sport products, over the top food at sport arenas, and historical sport throwback items and information.  He also provides interesting information about athlete sponsorship and numbers/statistics.

If there’s something sports related that you find interesting, chances are Rovell has discovered it before you (or at least been sent it by someone who discovered it first). Rovell shows love to followers by crediting/sourcing them when they provide him with some interesting content that he shares.

5. Skip Bayless – @RealSkipBayless

Another guy who you either love, or you hate.

Skip Bayless, columnist, author, and TV personality, most recently known for his duties on First Take with Americans 2nd favorite sports personality, Stephen A. Smith. People hate Skip, which frankly, is why I love him. He holds back nothing, and is not afraid to state an unpopular opinion, no matter how much negative feedback he knows he will get.

skip1Although sometimes it might seem like he is talking about of his behind, especially when talking about Tebow or Manny Pacquiao, but he always backs up what he says with some sort of justification, whether it is right or wrong. You have to respect a guy who is not afraid of backlash, it’s as if he almost feeds off of it at times. I don’t care if he’s right or wrong, he sticks to his guns and doesn’t back down. Skip Bayless, you’ve got my follow.

6. Marc Cuban – @mcuban

He’s a shark and a (Hoo-Hoo) Hoosier, and is about as fun to follow on Twitter as he is to watch on the sidelines of a Mavericks game.

Cuban is another one of those guys who isn’t afraid to speak his mind on Twitter. Which is I guess is easy when you are a bazillionaire. But as I’ve said about others in this piece, it is refreshing to see a personality not afraid to shared their opinions about a particular topic that is relevant. As you can see below, Cuban has no problem with the Hack-a-Whoever rule.Cuban also promotes his various business ventures, from Shark Tank to Cyberdust, to pictures of him playing basketball as he lives vicariously through his team ownership. Not going to lie, if I owned an NBA team, I would do the same. That being said, he is probably more knowledgeable about that business side of Twitter than anyone I have profiled so far. Marc Cuban, keep doing you, my friend.

7. Incarcerated Bob – @incarceratedbob

This guy might be the jailhouse Adam Schefter. #IBN

Want some of the best sports betting advice, bold predictions, insider information, and breaking stories all from a mysterious character who may or may not be in jail, or atleast formerly in jail? Incarcerated Bob is your guy. He may be one of the lesser known personalities I have highlighted, as much of his fan base is based out of the NY/NJ area. That being said, I’ve been following this guy since my early days on Twitter, and he does not disappoint.


I have no clue where this guy gets his info from sometimes. But many times he is right about things, before major sport media personalities get to them, which is why he is such an enigma to follow. And that is all part of the Incarcerated Bob persona. He also does a great job interacting with and engaging with fans. So do yourself a favor and follow this guy.


I’ve talked about some of my favorite athletes and sport media personalities to follow on Twitter. But what is Twitter without a good parody account? Parody accounts are successful when they hit on current sport topics, from the hilariously exaggerated point of view of a high profile sports figureheads. Here are some of my favs.

8. Faux John Madden – @FauxJohnMadden

Most people know John Madden from his days with the Raiders, announcing NFL games, or the now famous Madden video games.

But today, most people know of the 79 year old through the eyes of the infamous Faux John Madden. Before reading his tweets, I highly suggest you listen to some of his commentary so you get a picture of who John Madden is. This will make the tweets infinitely more hilarious.

Don’t get me wrong, Bill Walton was an all time great NBA player (his son Luke no so much), and had some one of the greatest hair/beard combos imaginable. But sometimes, his words and thoughts just don’t make sense, which is the beauty of Not Bill Walton.

9. Not Bill Walton – @NotBillWalton

If you’ve listened a game that Bill Walton was announcing, you might think he was doing it from a bar stool with a beer in one hand and scotch in the other.


Don’t get me wrong, Bill Walton was an all time great NBA player (his son Luke no so much), and had some one of the greatest hair/beard combos imaginable. But sometimes, his words and thoughts just don’t make sense, which is the beauty of Not Bill Walton.

not walton

He uses big, sometimes made up words and ideas, as does Walton in real life at times, and applies them to absolutely ridiculous situations. But if it makes sense in his head, than more power to him.

10. Big Head Sports (Formerly Peyton’s Head) – @BigHeadSports

Peyton Manning. One of the most politically correct athletes. Peyton’s head. Not so much.

Peyton’s Head says all the things that you know Peyton is probably thinking, but won’t publicly say, because he is the golden boy of the NFL (especially now that Tom Brady is a confirmed “deflater”). His bio simply says “Making fun of sports, sports, politics, Kardashians, and sports.” How can you not love that?big head 2 big head 3 bighead11. Fake Sports Center – @NOTSportsCenter

We all hate SportsCenter, and loathe their holier than thou, we are the only one whose opinion exists, but we all still watch it anyways, because they are the “World Wide Leader”…right?

Well, Not SportsCenter is the world wide leader in making fun of the alleged world wide leader. It plays off of all of that, and is another parody account that says exactly what we’re all thinking, even if it is not politically correct. It provides a take on things that the actual SportsCenter would never consider crossing. Ahh, satire. They are so witty and good, you just need to check out their page and see for yourself.

notsport3 notsports notsports1 notsports2

We’re in the home stretch here, bare with me, folks. We’ve gone through some athletes, personalities, and parodies. These next two don’t really fall into any specific category, so I will simply define it as “cool sports stuff”.

12. Sports Quotes – @Sports_Greats

Need some motivation in your life?

Sports Quotes (Greats) is simply the best quotes from the greatest athletes and sports personalities. Not much more needs to be said.

sports 1

sports 2

sports 413. SI Vault – @SI_Vault

Sports history, one photo at a time.

Operated by SI Writer Andy Gray, the SI Vault posts classic pictures from the most captivating sports events, stories, and SI shoots. This page makes me feel very nostalgic, and will make you feel that way too. (unless you have no soul)

si vault

si vault 2

si vault 3

By no means is this list all encompassing. Think there is anyone I excluded, or should be taken off the list? Let me know! Comment below or tweet at me @harris_baker.

Honorable Mention Baker’s Dozen of Follows:

1. @sportspickle

2. @ATLHawks

3. @BadgerMBB

4. @JayBilas

5. @richarddeitsch

6. @RSherman_25

7. @kobebryant

8. @DeionSanders

9. @Cristiano

10. @FloydMayweather

11. @TigerWoods

12. @MariaSharapova

13. @TimTebow