5 Tips to Help You Land the Digital Marketing Job of Your Dreams

By Tom Ottaiano, CEO, Today’s Business

If you want to land the digital marketing job of your dreams, it’s time to start putting in the work and educating yourself. Digital marketing is no longer a traditional sales funnel, it’s a multi-channel loop and every discipline has a purpose in relation to the larger goals, whether it’s an awareness play or converting a user into a purchase. Here are my top tips that will help you land your dream job in the digital marketing industry. 

1. Learn digital advertising.

Digital advertising is everywhere, and a big part of online marketing. Most brands are looking to get their story out there and opt for digital advertising to spread the word and start seeing ROI on their spends.

Facebook Advertising

A successful Facebook advertising campaign is built on a solid creative concept and strategic audience targeting. Learn your way around the back end of Facebook and understand how to set up and optimize a campaign from start to finish.

Google AdWords

AdWords is the largest advertising platform in the entire world. It allows you to rank above your competitors even if they have you beat on organic visibility. Start to get a general understanding of how a PPC campaign works and get used to the platform itself.

2. Get comfortable with analytics.

If you’re new to the digital marketing world, even the word analytics sounds intimidating. The best way to learn is to just dive in. Familiarize yourself with how to navigate through Google Analytics. Once you know where to find everything, you can begin uncovering the layers of meaning behind the stats.

This can take time, but the more that you immerse yourself, the more the pieces will start to come together. You’ll be able to start making observations about user behavior on the site and what that means for campaigns as a whole.

Marketing campaigns are not the only storytellers. The best digital marketing strategies are rooted in the numbers, so it’s time to get comfortable with them.  

3. Start a blog.

One of the best ways to display your writing skills, build your personal brand and learn a little about SEO along the way is to start your own blog. It doesn’t even have to be related to digital marketing. Write about what you’re passionate about and trust the process.

Your blog can be the start of a portfolio and something extremely valuable to put on a resume.

4. Boost your technical skills.

Don’t be afraid to get technical. Learning the basics of WordPress along with a little bit of HTML coding can go a long way.

Graphic design is another skill you can add to your arsenal that will help you land that dream job.

5. Apply to the right places.

When looking for a digital marketing position, don’t just settle for anything. There are many factors to take into account when you’re on the hunt for a new opportunity.

What is the workplace culture like? Does the company offer good employee perks? What are the core values? These are long term factors that will play a huge part in your overall contentment with your career, so choose wisely.

Digital Marketing Careers in NJ

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