A Fertility Center : A Digital Marketing Case Study

Executive Summary

A Fertility Center hired Today’s Business to provide them with many different digital marketing services. These consisted of SEO & SEM services, website design, social media management, and creative digital services. Through search listing optimization, remarketing, pay per click campaigns, consistent social media posts, and a new website with creative branding imagery, Today’s Business has been able to dramatically improve the online presence and overall website traffic.

All statistics are from the last year:

  • Organic Search is up 25%
  • Paid Search increased sessions by 115%
  • Developed New Logo along with their new website
  • Over 2,000 new likes in the past year
  • Over 300 engagements on twitter


The Fertility Center was having trouble expanding their clientele because they were lacking a responsive website, any social platforms, and organic SEO efforts. When The Fertility Center came to Today’s Business, they had little to no online presence.

The Fertility Center had a website that was non responsive and not up-to-date with SEO practices. By not using the correct practices for organic SEO, they were limiting the amount of leads they could receive from any online efforts.

Without the appropriate social media platforms, The Fertility Center was also missing out on the chance to expand their reach of possible clientele.

How Product Helped

To better the online efforts for The Fertility Center, Today’s Business thought it would be best to have them rebrand. This would include making a new logo and a new website. With consistent and attractive branding, it would be easier for clients to identify them online versus competitors. Once this was implemented, we saw website traffic increase by 40%, just in the past year!

This was also complimented by the SEO and SEM services and campaigns that Today’s Business put into motion for The Fertility Center. We were able to see 48 of the top ranked keywords on Google increase over 400% in one year. With the help of paid search, overall website sessions increased by 115% from 2015 to 2016.

Once Today’s Business created and started posting consistently on all of The Fertility Center’s social media platforms, we began to build more awareness and engagement. With the larger audience, this ended up leading to more conversions on their website. We we’re able to see a 24% increase over the past year of traffic being brought to the website from social media. On average there are 15 people a day that visit the website from social media posts.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Overall, these results have been extremely successful for The Fertility Center. Within the past year, they have been able to gain more and more contact leads and increase their online presence.

Between the SEO, SEM, and social media efforts, engagement and impressions have been able to expand their clientele reach. Just in social media alone, we have seen an 8% engagement rate on Facebook this past year, which is considered high with such a large following. They are also receiving about 539 impressions per tweet on average.

Seeing these results is extremely satisfying for both The Fertility Center and Today’s Business. Continuing the exemplary efforts throughout all of the digital marketing services will be best for more success in the future.