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As a full-service agency, Today’s Business views influencer marketing as one potential piece of the digital marketing puzzle. Because we work in multiple digital channels, we review and identify each brands’ market and demographic to see what digital marketing strategy is best for your brand and budget. Based on your comprehensive branding session and your previous performance, we ensure every brand is truly understood, from its mission statement to its KPIs. We aren’t just looking for likes and follows. We look for a tangible brand lift in search and actual conversions generated.

Our Influencer Marketing Services

Today’s Business provides expert digital advertising solutions for you to get the best possible results out of the influencer content we are paying for. We’ve negotiated millions in athlete and influencer deals, and we know how to stretch the value of content usage rights. We can help you cultivate a strong creative strategy by staying on top of emerging trends, channels, and opportunities. Our team can maximize your budget and execute your campaigns quickly to meet your deadlines. We offer the following influencer marketing services and campaign timelines to help your company maximize its online presence.

Branding & Onboarding

We combine in-depth branding and onboarding with initial research to develop your target audience, identify your goals and KPIs, and formulate the foundation of the campaign’s creative strategy. Will the campaign be holiday-based? Discount based? This helps determine our approach. Our branding and onboarding meeting happens within two weeks with two in-person or virtual meetings.

Influencer Sourcing

With the foundation of the campaign established, we get to work. Campaign research continues in earnest and opportunities are cross-referenced across our data. Outreach follows with priority on time-sensitive opportunities and deals that will provide you with the highest ROI. We will find you influencers to start working on your brand within four weeks, keeping your brand and brand alignment in mind.

Campaign Management & Monitoring

TB takes care of all the gritty details to make your campaign run smoothly: negotiations, contracting, deliverables distribution, affiliate integration, campaign briefs, and advertising optimization. Our experience helps us bypass potential bumps in the road, meaning campaign delays don’t derail success. Within four weeks, we will have your campaign optimized and integrated for success.

Reporting & Optimization

Every campaign and client is unique. There’s no secret method that works across all brands and consumer bases. Using an experiential and data-driven approach, we continue to refine your campaign until the very end. Along the way, we’ll communicate with your team and be transparent about its progress. You will receive your first report two weeks after you start your campaign with us!

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Expand your brand with influencer marketing from Today’s Business. Influencer marketing has become a powerful tool and investment for companies. With an influencer by your side, your business can create brand awareness and drive sales. Our services also include affiliate marketing to expand your company’s network further and allow maximum revenue for everyone involved. Contact us today to learn more about our influencer marketing strategies and services!

Influencer Marketing

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