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Are you ready to bring your brand’s voice to the center stage that is social media? Whether you are already a part of the social space or not, your next customer is on social media. Interaction on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn is not just a post or a comment. It is a conversation that can lead to a conversion. Social media provides a direct link from business to consumer, at a cost cheaper than any traditional marketing tactic you can think of. Our diversified base of clients has allowed us to cultivate social media campaign success for a wide range of industries since 2011.

Our Social Media Services

There is no one-size-fits-all approach here at Today’s Business. Based on your industry, budget, and goals, we will build a highly tailored social media process that is suitable for your brand alone. Our social media experts will find and reach your target audience to generate tangible results, determine measurable goals, strategically place your brand on the appropriate social channels, and create engaging platform-specific content. Each social media campaign is customized to our clients’ goals and needs, but each will typically utilize the following elements.


If you’ve ever wondered, “Is anyone seeing my posts?” don’t give up. Social media content is nothing without engaged followers. But with social media algorithms constantly changing, this can be a challenge. Our social media experts are always at the forefront of how to keep your followers engaged, no matter the circumstances. We will grow your following to create the meaningful engagements that social media platforms are looking for.

Organic Content Creation

You can count on our expert team of strategists to create engaging, on-brand social media content to tell your brand’s story to current and potential customers. Based on your specific industry, we will tailor your social media posts to be shared on the platforms that we know your brand will find the most success on.

Paid Ad Campaigns

Our strategists create a targeted ad strategy to drive brand awareness, conversions, leads, and website traffic based on your goals and budget. Your customized campaigns are analyzed monthly, designed to achieve the best CPA, CPM, and most of all ROAS. With help from our creative team, our ad strategies include out-of-the-box creatives that are targeted to the right audience, proving that strategy is equally data-driven and creative.

Reputation Management

Your customers are actively talking about your brand online. Don’t you want to be a part of the conversation? Think of your social media reputation as a simple extension of your in-house customer service. We take care of everything from comments to reviews and everything in between.

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The TB Approach to Social Media

By simply being a player on social media, your brand has a chance to influence the way customers interpret and interact with your brand. These customers are searching for you, talking about you, and looking to engage with you — instantly! Your brand will always be your audience’s number one choice if you keep them engaged. But being present in the social space is just the beginning. With personally curated social media campaigns, our strategists will not only grow your social media presence but take your brand to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our social media services in New Jersey!

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