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Does Your Business Need Effective Email Marketing?

Promote your business, products, and services with email marketing from Today’s Business! Emails drive conversions, and for your emails to be a success, they need to be precisely crafted to draw in consumers, fit your branding, and persuade users to convert to your site. The email marketing team at Today’s Business is well-versed in creating successful email campaigns and will work with you to help you drive conversions through every email you send, gaining new customers in the process.

Our Email Marketing Services

At Today’s Business, the focus of our email marketing department is to create engaging emails that will stand out in the crowd of messages that your customers receive every single day. We focus on consistency in branding and assuring that the visuals presented in your emails are recognizable by consumers across your social media platforms and general online presence. We don’t just create email campaigns, we manage them. Our email campaign management services allow our team to track measurable results and keep up with your target audience.

Brand Personalization

Your emails are a representation of your brand to both new and loyal customers. Our creative and email teams work closely with you to understand your brand and how it will be best represented every time we hit send.

Custom Email Designs

Every person has subscribed to emails from various brands and businesses. To stand out, you need a carefully curated design that is not just aesthetically pleasing but effective and backed by data. Each email marketing campaign utilizes our creative team.

Email Lead Generation

We combine our experience, data analysis, and carefully considered lead funnels to produce emails that consistently generate leads for our clients to ensure that your ROI gets maximized.

Efficient Deliverability Services

Email campaigns can often produce the highest conversion rate of any marketing channel. You can drive leads and engage your customer base with a consistent and effective email schedule all year long.

Highly Targeted Email Lists

Not only do we target new prospects, but we also have the expertise to keep track of your new customers to build a loyal customer base, help you construct your email list, and collect important information.

Performance Analytics

We monitor click-through rates, open rates, and bounce rates to fully grasp whether or not emails sent to your target audience were successful in driving traffic to your website. Our dedicated attention allows us to formulate our next steps for effective emails in future campaigns, increasing traffic to your site and improving your ROI.

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Trust Today’s Business With Your Email Marketing

When you trust TB to craft your email marketing campaign, you can be assured that your emails will be eye-catching, engaging, and a perfect representation of your vision. Our email marketing department puts great care into the creation of our clients’ emails, all while using the latest programs and innovations. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your email marketing and get started on building a successful campaign.

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