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The affiliate marketing business is taking the industry by storm. Affiliate marketing is the process of paying a website a commission for promoting your goods and services, giving you untapped access to your demographic in a credible venue. If you do not know the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, you may wonder if this specific service is worth it. The reality is that affiliate marketing can work for businesses of any size and in any industry. By working with people who already have a legitimate following, you have access to opportunities that do not require developing a new consumer base and are already more likely to convert. Our expert affiliate marketing team will help you make the connections you need to push you towards business success.

Our Affiliate Marketing Services

Today’s Business offers a variety of affiliate marketing services to meet your business goals and objectives. With years of experience in the digital marketing industry, we have extensive knowledge of the affiliate industry to help create a successful affiliate marketing program for your company. Our experts focus solely on you, providing the following affiliate marketing deliverables:

Affiliate Network Procurement

We take the time to ensure we set up the right affiliate program for your company’s needs. We procure, consult, negotiate, and set up terms and conditions for your affiliate contracts tailored to your company’s exact specifications.

Competitor Analysis

We identify and get to know your competitors by analyzing anyone targeting your potential customers or offering products or services similar to yours. Our team will provide you with the competitor data to help steer your affiliate program in the right direction.

Custom Recruitment Strategy

Our affiliate experts help you develop a partner portfolio by building a customized publisher recruitment strategy based on your target demographic, powering your sales and exposure.

National Media & PR Opportunities

As a part of our affiliate marketing strategy, we offer national media and PR opportunities to reach audiences, generate buzz about products, and drive results.

Conversion Analysis

We report on your different KPIs each month to measure your affiliate program’s success and provide you with additional suggestions and recommendations based on your program’s performance.

Fraud Monitoring & Management

Fraud can be a major issue in affiliate marketing for all industries. We help you flag bad partnerships and prevent fraud with our monitoring and management solutions.

Dedicated Account Manager

We will assign you a dedicated affiliate account manager. Our account managers take the stress and hard work out of managing your affiliates, arranging new promotions, and setting up links.

Affiliate & Publisher Support

Publishers get thousands of pitches every single day and are often overwhelmed. That is why we treat our publishers like royalty. We do everything in our power to make their lives easier and build their respect so that they return the favor and include our clients into revenue driving content.

Our Affiliate PR Services

More and more PR agencies are trying to learn affiliate marketing. Luckily, we know both worlds very well and have been able to merge the two together driving outstanding coverage and incremental sales lift to our clients!

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Trust Today’s Business With Your Affiliate Marketing Work

When you put your affiliate marketing services in the hands of Today’s Business, you can rest assured that you are receiving services from a team that always has your best interests in mind. Our approach to finding affiliates for our clients is to generate as many high-quality partnerships as we can as fast as we can. We also stay hyper-vigilant when it comes to fraud, and in the case that it comes up, we will catch and address it as quickly as possible.

We take pride in our client-first approach by maintaining a primary focus on your business and delivering the best outcome possible when finding affiliates to market your products. Our team is experienced and dedicated to generating partnerships that will bring you increased sales and brand awareness. We are always searching for the perfect affiliate, and when you sign on with us, we will work to establish your goals and find an affiliate who fits perfectly with your brand. Contact us today to learn more about our affiliate marketing services!

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