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Search Engine Marketing is the process of purchasing ads in search engines to appear for users based on their search queries and search behavior. At Today’s Business, we work closely with you to ensure that we understand your business, what your business goals are, and what challenges you’re currently facing to set up your SEM campaign.

We carefully craft an SEM strategy to maximize your ROI based on our direct communication, industry knowledge, and in-depth competitor and keyword research and analysis. As your campaign continues, we will continually refine your strategies based on new data sets, new ad technology, and any new user behavior. Once your campaign launches, our team will continually refine each page to increase conversion rate and lower cost-per-click.

Our SEM Services

By working with Today’s Business, you’ll receive a better return on investment and greater transparency. We care more about how we can improve your company’s bottom line. With our professional search engine marketing services, your business can expect the following services:

Personalized Strategy

Before launching your campaign, we work closely with you to define your goals for the campaign and ensure that we understand your business and the current challenges your company is facing. Based on our direct communication with you, we will carefully craft a strategy to maximize your ROI.

Audience Targeting

We develop audience personas to establish your target audience. As part of this process, we will identify what your ideal user searches for, when they search, where they search, and why they search.

Keyword Research

We conduct keyword research to bid on the correct keywords that are relevant to your business, streamlining your keyword targeting and helping place your ad number one on search results.

Budget and Bid Strategies

We establish which keywords to bid on and create budget recommendations to match potential conversion volume and profit margins.

Build Campaigns

We create a campaign structure that supports your goals and ensures that keywords, ad messages, and ad groups are aligned with the business’s objectives.

Compelling Ad Creation

Our experts create compelling ads with smart headlines to help you promote your products and services effectively and maximize your click-through rates.

Custom Landing Pages

An excellent landing page can make or break a conversion. That’s why each page we create for our ad campaigns involves members from our creative, content, and web design teams. Once launched, we will continually refine each page to increase conversion rate and lower cost-per-click.

Conversion Tracking

Our conversion tracking allows you to see what keywords, ad groups, and campaigns are generating leads, sales, and interactions so that we can help you make informed decisions about how to spend your ad dollars.

Custom Reporting

We provide our clients with custom reports each month to highlight the campaign’s performance and offer a customizable dashboard that places all your important KPIs in the same place.

Routine Optimization

We perform routine optimization, A/B testing, and retesting everything from ad copy, landing pages, and keyword performance to testing your entire pay-per-click funnels.

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Explore Your Digital Advertising Options

Businesses can see measurable and quality results quickly with our highly-targeted paid search ads. Here are the top paid online advertising strategies and ads we use on Google to get you started!

Call-Only Ads

Call-only ads allow you to promote phone calls on mobile devices, prompting a user to call your business directly. When a user clicks on the ad, it places a call to you directly from the search engine results page, and you can set it to run only during your operating business hours.

Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic search ads automatically generate ad copy from content on your website. These automated ads use the content on your site to target your ads to users searching for a similar product or service. They save you a lot of time in setup and ensure you are using keywords you might have missed.

Image Ads

Image ads, also known as display ads, are static images or interactive graphics that are used best for brand awareness campaigns. They run on the Google Display Network, which means these ads can display on websites that partner with Google to provide ad space.

Local Search Ads

Local search ads allow businesses to be featured and stand out within Google Maps local search results. When a user is looking for a service near their location, they will see an advertisement that shows your office location, phone number, hours, and reviews if the service is relevant to your business.

Shopping Ads

Perfect for e-commerce businesses, shopping ads show your company’s items for sale with a product image, title, price, and a link to your store on Google Shopping, Images, and search partner websites. This information is pulled from your Google Merchant Center through the product feed that you supply.

Text Ads

Text ads correlate to keywords that are included in your campaign and have an ad extension that shows users your company’s promotions, seller rating, phone number, and more to create an incentive. They offer room for up to three headlines and two descriptions to promote your brand, message, and products.

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