Healthy Meal Service Company Sees Success from Search Engine Marketing


Preparing meals and eating healthy can be challenging. Entrepreneurial food services have taken advantage, offering prepared meals to be delivered straight to your doorstep. But the food-delivery market has become rapidly saturated, making competition fierce. When looking for healthy, restaurant style food service that will deliver to select areas, people often search utilizing terms related to “food” near their proximity. Making sure your business is showing up in search marketing results is reliant on targeting the right keywords, the core of any good SEM strategy.

Starting Point

Today’s Business has been conducting an SEM campaign for a healthy meal service company with great success. SEM is an important part of digital strategy for any company, however it can be vital to a meal prep and delivery service. In a competitive market, having the business show up for certain keywords related to the healthy meals can be invaluable to getting new and repeat customers over another competitor.  This is the advantage Today’s Business has been able to give this healthy meal service company.

The goals of this SEM campaign are pretty familiar, but no less important. The emphasis is placed on increasing traffic to the site based on different keyword searches and, ideally, turning that increase in traffic into increase in transactions and revenue.


The main aim of any SEM campaign is to see an increase in traffic to the website and hopefully see that increase in traffic drive conversions. We can clearly see that in September 2016 before Today’s Business took over the SEM campaign, the company was only generating 1,960 clicks/month. However, after Today’s Business started managing their SEM, their clicks increased by 109% from September 2016 to September 2017. With more clicks, the CPC decreased by 48% and the transactions increased by 118%. Ultimately, they yielded $40,966.16 in revenue in comparison to last year’s revenue of only $19,189.41.

Comparing the year-over-year data for October saw similar results. In October 2016, the meal service company was getting 4,490 clicks to their website and in just one year Today’s Business increased it by 38%, increasing clicks to 6,204. Once traffic to the website increased, there was a clear increase in transactions and revenue. Transactions went up by 210% and revenue by 202%.


Even just looking at their statistics in the last two months before Today’s Business took over their SEM campaign in comparison to September we are able to gauge just how successful the campaign has been. After a significant drop in the budget from July to August from $6,551.19 to almost half that, $3,318.17, the revenues did not experience the same drop. While the budget decreased by 50%, the revenue only decreased by around $15,500 to $42,346.69, an approximate 27% decline. In September the budget decreased again by 29% but the revenue only decreased by around $1,400 to $40,966.16.

 ClicksCPCConv. RateTransactionsCostRevenue


In summation, after careful analysis of the result, we can see Today’s Business improved SEM efforts for this healthy food prep and delivery service in the span of just one month. We were able to see how much improvement there was in transactions and ROI after Today’s Business SEM efforts took over, and we were able to see the difference when comparing October and September’s statistics from last year to this year. Today’s Business also managed to improve revenue even despite a lowered budget. Using Today’s Business’ SEM strategy, this healthy meal service company was able to perform and convert at a high level regardless of high competition.