NJOI: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Case Study (Apr. ’15 vs. Apr ’16)

Executive Summary:

Today’s Business was tasked with improving the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign of client New Jersey Orthopaedic Institute (NJOI). After a full calendar year, the improved campaign resulted in the following metrics:

April 2015 vs. April 2016

  • 1,575% increase in clicks to the website (2,714 vs. 162)
  • 531% increase in sessions on the website (953 vs. 151)
  • 248% increase in the goal conversion rate (6.93% vs. 1.99%)
  • 2,100% increase in appointment requests via online forms/phone calls (66 vs. 3)
NJOI Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Case Study


Previously, NJOI’s cost per conversion resulted in extremely high numbers that were inefficient for the business. ($265 cost per acquisition) Today’s Business was challenged with lowering that number by developing an SEM campaign that would prove to be more cost effective.

How Our Services Helped:

In order to bring NJOI’s SEM to its full potential, Today’s Business developed a new targeted campaign that included specific calls to action. Doing so prompted the user in taking a specific action that was trackable by Today’s Business.

In addition, corresponding landing pages were created. This provided the user with exactly the information they were interested in. From there each user would either convert or leave the website. Together, these two tactics worked hand-in-hand to produce results in NJOI’s SEM.

Results and ROI:

Overall, the new SEM campaign has proven to be successful for the client. NJOI currently averages 60 phone calls and 6 appointment forms via the website per month. The cost per conversion is at an all-time low of $19.59. A 90% lower cost per click (from $4.91 to $0.48) allows NJOI to drive 531% more sessions to the website.