Physical Therapy Company Year Over Year Social Media Growth


Most of us will suffer an injury at some point in our lives, and if you’ve suffered from a traumatic injury such as a broken bone, chances are you’ll need to spend some time rehabbing your way back to the activities you enjoy most. Choosing a physical therapy provider is an important decision. For many, a social media presence of a business can influence who they do or don’t choose to utilize. Therefore for physical therapies, quality social media marketing has become a necessity.

Starting Point:

In January of 2014, Today’s Business began working with a physical therapy company that consisted of 7 locations. They had a Facebook page with moderate activity, but not much else. We took control of their Facebook and set the client up on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest, where we began to strategically post, run ads, and engage consistently. As of January 2018, the practice has expanded to 17 locations and into more states, and the social media presence has certainly grown alongside it.


When it comes to results, there are a few different things we can measure; fans gained, website traffic, and conversions. Let’s begin with fans gained.

PlatformJan 2014Jan 2018
FB5,284 likes23,597 likes
TW0 followers3,195 followers
IG0 followers5,164 followers
LI0 followers719 followers
Pin0 followers2,145 followers

As you can see by the numbers, over a 4 year period, we have grown the total social following from 5,284 FB likes to 34,820 unique fans across 5 different platforms. We had a number of different strategies in going about doing so, primarily targeting our specific demographic with FB advertising, along with engaging and following users from the demographic on other platforms.

Social Traffic

PlatformTotal Website Clicks
FB11,042 sessions
IG1,123 sessions
LI679 sessions
Pin577 sessions

In all on social over 4 years we have generated 14,039 website sessions, or around 300 sessions/month. As a rule of thumb, we do suggest taking social traffic with a grain of salt, as you may generate lots of traffic, but if you’re not acquiring quality leads and converting goals, the overall clicks don’t seem as important.

Leads Generated

Lastly, what matters most – conversions. In this case, we tracked conversions as contact forms  and phone calls, and attributed value to them based on appointment requests.

Platform# of conversions

In all, there have been 306 social conversions, which we valuated to $14,206.00.


In summary, social media has continued to be a valuable asset for this practice, and as it’s real life reputation has expanded, so has it’s online presence. At Today’s Business, we are consistently looking into our campaigns such as this one to see what we can do to keep building more followers, generating valuable website traffic, and in the end, landing more and more conversions for our clients. It takes a lot of trial and error and also learning about your client/company and most importantly, your target market.