The Digital Optimization of a Local Medical Client


The digital and social needs of clients differ tremendously based on various factors that include, among other considerations, type of industry, goals, and size of company. One of the things that Today’s Business does effectively is demonstrate the ability to optimize both digital and social efficiently for clients, regardless of the clients’ size.

Starting Point

When a local medical client tasked Today’s Business with designing a responsive website, optimizing its social accounts, and engaging in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Management (SEM), Today’s Business was up to the challenge of establishing a legitimate digital presence for this local client.

When this local medical client first enlisted the service of Today’s Business, they were operating at a very basic level in a digital sense. The website lacked responsiveness, social posting was sporadic and unfocussed, and SEO and SEM were services that were unfamiliar or foreign. Today’s Business leveraged all of these aspects of digital marketing in order to deliver results in the form of traffic, leads, searches, and new users to the client’s site.


The results for this local medical client came quickly and definitively. The goal of attracting new users and a larger volume of traffic to the client’s site in order to grow the company and increase overall company awareness was clearly achieved by employing the aforementioned digital strategies in concert with each other. Below are the stats that highlight the improvement.

  • Increase in overall traffic by 84.63% (4,710 vs. 2,551)
  • Increase in over new users by 88% 3,716 vs. 1,967
  • Increase in website leads 153%
  • Increase Goal conversion rate by 37%
  • Increase in social media traffic by 129%
  • Increased in social media new users by 104%
  • Increased average session duration from social media by 113% (3:26 vs. 1:36)
  • Increased paid traffic by 242%
  • Increase in paid leads by 50%
  • Increased in non-branded search queries by over 400%
  • Increased in non-branded search traffic by 308%
  • Increased average position ranking by 352%

The above stats present one overarching narrative, while also telling shorter stories about the client’s digital performance. Numbers that stand out are increases in overall traffic (84.63%), website leads (153%), social media traffic (129%), paid traffic (242%), non-branded search queries (400%), non-branded search traffic (308%), and average position ranking (352%). These increases are important to highlight because not only are they substantial increases, but they also encompass critical aspects of digital performance.

One area that saw multiple increases is traffic. Traffic is important because it means the company is driving more and more people to the desired target through whichever channel the client chooses to emphasize. An increase in overall traffic means there is more traffic combined from ALL channels heading to the target (usually a company home page or landing page). An increase in social media traffic means that there was an increase in the people being directed to the page from or as a result of social media. This is a direct consequence of having optimized social. An increase in paid traffic means more people are visiting the desired page as a result of a paid campaign or paid advertisements. This is a positive because it allows the client to gauge its ROI based on the money spent on the campaign. Finally, non-branded search traffic means an increase in the people visiting a target page as a result of searching for keywords related to the service the company provides. This is a hallmark of great SEO when people searching for related services see the client’s page and access it easily.

Other important areas that improved dramatically are leads, search queries, and position ranking. An increase in leads means more opportunities to convert these users to being potential customers in the future as well as more brand exposure. Increases in non-branded search queries and average position ranking again denote deployment of a successful SEO strategy. More appearances and better position in search are obviously a contributing factor to the increase in traffic and leads.


Overall, Today’s Business successfully implemented a revamp of this local medical client’s website, social, SEO, and SEM strategies. These small stories of success communicated by the stats ultimately combine for the larger narrative of successfully helping this small, local medical client compete in the digital age. This client is now reaping the rewards of Today’s Business’s optimized digital strategy, helping them take their business to the next level.