The Impact of Increasing Website Traffic for a Physician Group

There are numerous advantages and privileges for businesses in the current age of digital. Across a myriad of industries, businesses are reaping the rewards of the availability and accessibility of various digital mediums to drive traffic, engagement, and, ultimately, conversions.

In the case of physician enterprise groups, simply driving traffic to its site and converting in the form of requesting appointments is one major way to grow its business. But what happens when it becomes apparent driving traffic is not so simple?

This was one of the challenges a physician enterprise group tasked Today’s Business in addressing. A brief review of the results is as follows:

Over the past 150 days compared to the preceding 150 days:

  • Traffic has increased by 15%.
  • New user sessions have increased by 29%.
  • Organic traffic has increased by 21%.
  • Organic new user sessions have increased by 16%.
  • Traffic from social media has increased by 286%.
  • Traffic from social media new user sessions has increased by 245%.

Starting Point

Today’s Business began trying to drive website traffic for a physician enterprise group starting in April of 2016. As a result of website optimization, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO), the client’s website traffic began to climb significantly. Below is a table comparing the preceding 150 days prior to the start of Today’s Business’s services with the following 150 days after the campaign began that illustrates this point:

Website Traffic from Today's Business


While the table above provides an important snapshot of an overall increase in website performance, there are more narrow measures of the impact to the client’s website traffic. Below is a month-by-month review of appointment requests on the physician enterprise group’s site:Month-By-Month Review of Appointment Requests

  • April: 46
  • May: 71
  • June: 79
  • July: 85
  • August: 82
  • September: 100

The first data point represents the month of April (when the campaign began) while the following data points represent each month that follows (ending in September). What can be gleaned from this data is over a 100% increase in appointment requests, which is an impressive performance on one of the initial goals of the campaign.

Two other aspects that are very important to driving sustainable website traffic is ensuring these sessions are derived both organically and via social media. By both measures, there was a marked increase in traffic to the client’s site.


Organic Traffic Review

Timeframe Traffic
Past 150 Days 39,552 Sessions
Previous 150 Days 32,522 Sessions
Change Increase: 21%
Timeframe New Users
Past 150 Days 21,138 Sessions
Previous 150 Days 18,233 Sessions
Change Increase: 16%

Social Media Website Traffic Breakdown

Timeframe Traffic
Past 150 Days 1,819 Sessions
Previous 150 Days 471 Sessions
Change Increase: 286%
Timeframe New Users
Past 150 Days 1,100 Sessions
Previous 150 Days 375 Sessions
Change Increase: 245%



Overall, Today’s Business was able to increase the physician enterprise group’s website traffic by a noticeable margin across the board. In just six months time, the client began enjoying the traffic that can create conversions and generate revenue for the physician group. In a tough economic environment for physicians, any additional traffic and revenue could be a much needed boon financially.