The Impact of SEO on an Orthopedic Practice

Executive Summary:

Right now, potential patients in your area are searching online for an orthopedic practice. The proper SEO techniques are necessary in order for a practice to gain visibility through search engines. Orthopedic SEO results in connecting you with these new patients online.

An orthopedic practice hired Today’s Business to do just that. After 8 months, the orthopedic SEO campaign resulted in the following:

October 2015 vs. May 31, 2016

  • Organic website traffic – 1,229 vs. 312
  • Goal completions – 313 vs. 80
  • New users – 705 vs. 208

Where We Started:

In October 2015, the client started with 312 organic website hits per month, 98% of which coming from branded search terms, showing the client needed to vary their search queries. The client also saw a low of 208 new users to the site through organic search per month, accounting for 15.52% of overall website traffic. Organic traffic accounted for 49% of website goal completions

What We Did:

Today’s Business started by providing relative search content and updating listings. In doing so, we were able to secure the #1 ranking in the “condition + location” queries for the client. The client was also able to rank for other upper funnel traffic, after providing content that the target markets were looking for based on location information. Finally, developing relationships with associates related to the orthopedic field provided very niche back links for the client.

The Results:

As of May 31, 2016, organic website traffic increased by 294% (1,229 vs. 312), consisting of 45% of overall website traffic. New users to the website increased by 238% (705 vs. 208). Organic search goal completions nearly tripled (313 vs. 80), also being responsible for bringing in 70% of contact forms. Non branded searches increased 500%. Overall, the services provided by Today’s Business were able to lower the paid advertising by over 25% for the client.