Westminster: A Local Awareness SEO Campaign

Executive Summary

Today’s Business was hired by Westminster Management to provide Local SEO for 9 different apartment complexes. Through listing optimization, offsite content marketing and overall search optimization, Today’s Business has been able to increase the website traffic significantly.

  • Website traffic has increased by over 551% on average per apartment complex year-over-year.
  • Organic Website Traffic has increased on average 820%.
  • Website citations have increased over 400% per listing.
  • Average 40 business listings per month per complex (over 360 total per month).
  • Business listing score increased by over 300%.


Westminster Properties’ major hurdle that needed to be addressed was that they had 9 different properties, each with individual names, contact information and business listings.

Their brand lacked consistency across the different properties’ digital assets, which affected the levels of web traffic, and SEO position and rankings.

Westminster’s CMS that was utilized across the individual properties’ websites was not user or SEO friendly, which left very limited possibilities for onsite search engine optimization and lead recognition.

How Product Helped

Today’s Business developed a comprehensive plan to increase traffic to Westminster Properties’ website by implementing a backlinking campaign to not only correct current backlinks to point to their main landing page, but also to develop new backlinks that have increased the site’s Authority, as well as provided new avenues for leads.

We were also able to locate and correct all business listings and citations that were directed to an individual properties’ website and redirect them to point to Westminster’s main website.

By developing a unified off-site strategy, Today’s Business has been able to increase traffic and impressions to the newly formed Westminster Properties website.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Although they had a limited content management system, Westminster Properties were able to increase their local awareness through SEO. With the use of mostly offsite search engine optimization, Westminster increased their local searches by an average of 800% year-over-year for all properties with highs of over 1100%.

When someone searches online for a local business, search engines and many mobile apps rely on location data from these sources to provide search results. Today’s Business helped WMP establish consistent business listings for all locations through directories and popular websites.

Based on these listings, referral traffic has increased as high as 1060% with a complete campaign average of over 900%. Organic website traffic averaged an increase of over 820%, and active citations increased 400%.

Active citations have increased by over 300% with each apartment complex averaging over 300, while authoritative backlinks have helped increase the search engines’ trust in each website.

citations 1 complex 1

Example Citations for 1 Complex  1

If listing data is incorrect or inconsistent between various data sources, your listings might not show up in search results.  By fixing listings and adding over 40 per month, we were able to increase each property’s MOZ Local Awareness score by over 300%. This has increased the number of new users to each site which has also increased by over 736% on average, per campaign.

Westminster’s growth has been rapid and consistent throughout the campaign with each location averaging 20% growth month over month.