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About Sculpt Nation

Sculpt Nation is a cutting-edge worldwide sports nutrition brand. The Sculpt Nation supplement line was born because of the large community of V Shred fitness clients asking what supplements to take who were frustrated when they would waste their money on products that promised the world, but gave them zero results and were oftentimes dangerous.

Sculpt Nation decided to develop a brand of supplements that met the exact scientific, quality, and performance standards for the V Shred fitness clients. The Sculpt Nation supplements are made with only the best ingredients in the world. V Shred creators were involved in every step of the ingredient selection process from the scientific research, to the formulation, to the rigorous testing and dosage standards. All Sculpt Nation products undergo 3rd party testing to add even one more layer of certainty that every supplement Sculpt Nation and V Shred offer is always the highest quality possible.

Sculpt Nation Affiliate Program Benefits

By participating in the Sculpt Nation affiliate program as a publisher, you will earn one of the top commissions in the health supplement industry! The Sculpt Nation affiliate program is on the AWIN affiliate network with the Program ID of 22047 – which is one of the best networks in the affiliate industry! By becoming an affiliate for Sculpt Nation you will receive a wide variety of additional advantages, including: 

5% Revenue Share with Opportunity for Increase Based on Performance

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Dedicated Account Manager to Facilitate Any Request


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Target Audience

Sculpt Nation’s products are tailored for men and women who are looking to get in shape and live healthier lives, with the safest and most effective supplements in the industry. If your audience is interested in nutrition, health, wellness, supplements, etc. then Sculpt Nation would be perfect for your site. Sculpt Nation targets those who are seeking greatness!

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Ages 30-45

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Top 5 Selling Products

Top Performing Content Examples

Bloggers & Social Influencers

Bloggers and influencers typically see the best success for this affiliate program. Bloggers who create unique evergreen content such as product reviews, listicle style content, and/or gift guides perform very well. Influencers who are able to capture the look, taste, and results of the supplements also have generated high commissions. If you are interested in getting involved with Sculpt Nation, please reach out to our Affiliate Team at affiliate@tbsmo.com !

Allowed Traffic

If you have U.S. Traffic you are able to come work with Sculpt Nation! Sculpt Nation has seen the most success with content traffic because of the longevity, as well as the popularity of the blogging space. Some other types of traffic we have worked with in the past are Social Media, Video, Product Review, SEO, Comparison Shopping, Mobile, CPA Network, Paid Search, Sun-Affiliate Networks, and Email.

Publisher Support

The Today’s Business Affiliate Team is here to help you make the most out of a partnership with Sculpt Nation. If you are interested in joining the Sculpt Nation program or have any questions regarding the program, simply reach out to affiliate@tbsmo.com and someone will be in touch shortly!

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The Sculpt Nation affiliate program is an excellent way to earn a competitive commission on a variety of healthy supplements for men and women. Are you ready to start earning revenue with the Sculpt Nation affiliate program? Sign up now!