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About State & Liberty

State & Liberty is a menswear brand that specializes in athletic-fit dress clothes. The fit is designed for men who have a broader upper body with a narrow waist that is looking for a tapered look. State & Liberty’s products are made with performance-based fabrics that are insanely flexible, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-free, and don’t require dry cleaning. With State & Liberty, the days of ripping through your elbows and back seams are over. If you’re looking for a tailored fit without sacrificing comfort then you’ve got to check out State & Liberty clothing.

State & Liberty Affiliate Program Benefits

Signing up for the State & Liberty affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn one of the top commissions in the men’s fashion industry! The State & Liberty affiliate program is on the Awin affiliate network with the Program ID of 21099 – which is considered to be one of the top-performing affiliate programs! State & Liberty apparel is made from stretchy, moisture-wicking performance fabric, making each item lightweight and durable. On top of that, every item is wrinkle-free and machine washable, preventing weekly trips to your dry cleaner, therefore you are saving a ton of valuable time and money. By becoming an affiliate publisher for State & Liberty you will receive a wide variety of benefits, including:

Higher Commission Rates for New Customers

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Target Audience

State & Liberty’s target audience is geared towards those who have an athletic build that wear dress shirts on a daily basis. State & Liberty offers the best solution for those with broader shoulders and a smaller waist, who desire the look and feel of a custom shirt. State & Liberty also targets the male consumers who are in shape and live an active lifestyle. State & Liberty has created an innovative product that will change the men’s dress shirt industry forever.

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70% Male

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Ages 25-44

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Top Performing Content Examples

Top 5 Selling Products

Bloggers & Social Influencers

The State & Liberty affiliate program is looking for bloggers who are in the athletic and professional men’s fashion space. We’ve seen that bloggers who create product reviews and roundups generally see the best results. Influencers in the men’s fashion space who can produce content to show the look and aesthetic feel of the dress shirt also tend to perform well. If you are interested in working with State & Liberty, please reach out to our Affiliate Team at affiliate@tbsmo.com!

Allowed Traffic

Since State & Liberty ships worldwide, nearly anyone is eligible for the State & Liberty affiliate program! The State & Liberty Program has had high success with Content traffic, because it is able to reach new audiences for a longer duration of time. Other forms of traffic we have worked with in the past are Social Media, Video, Product Review, Deal, Paid Search (Non-Branded), and Sub-Affiliate Networks.

Publisher Support

The Today’s Business Affiliate Team is here to help you make the most out of a partnership with State & Liberty. If you are interested in joining the State & Liberty affiliate program or have any questions regarding the program, simply reach out to affiliate@tbsmo.com and someone will be in touch shortly!

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State & Liberty offers some of the best commissions in this industry and has great products which your audience will love. Are you ready to start earning revenue through the State & Liberty affiliate program? Sign up now!