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WOLACO’s vision is to empower people to pursue an active way of life. Thus, WOLACO – ‘Way of Life Athletic Company’ was born. WOLACO product lines include athletic compression apparel that is patented with sweat-proof pockets designed to keep your phone, wallet and/or keys snug while working out. All of WOLACO’s products are designed with every little detail in mind so that there are no distractions and no excuses between you and your workout. From the high-quality fabric, to the fit and the sweat-proof pockets, WOLACO’s apparel gives you the freedom to move at a moment’s notice. 

WOLACO Affiliate Program Benefits

Being part of the WOLACO affiliate program, you will get a ton of benefits. WOLACO offers some of the top commissions in the athletic apparel industry! The WOLACO affiliate program is on the affiliate network, AWIN with the Program ID of 22475 – which is known for its incredible benefits, such as guaranteeing timely payouts of earned commission! WOLACO believes that nothing should distract you from your workout – focus on making your mental and physical health better by not getting distracted by what you are wearing. As a publisher for the WOLACO affiliate program, you will also have additional benefits, including:

Base 5% RevShare Payout with Opportunity for Increase

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30-Day Cookie Window

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Opportunity to Receive Products for Review


Branded Coupons

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Dedicated Account Manager to Facilitate Any Request


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Target Audience

WOLACO’s target audience is interested in fitness and living an active lifestyle. Runners, cyclists, and other categories of people who prioritize health, wellness, and convenience love WOLACO for the patented sweat proof pockets and durability. The target audience is seeking a product with better features and a longer life-span compared to competitors in the industry. 

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Ages 25-34

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55% Male

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45% Female

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United States




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Bloggers & Social Influencers

The WOLACO affiliate program is searching for bloggers, who can create new content such as product reviews, gift guides, and listicles. WOLACO also works with influencers who possess a large & highly engaged social following. Influencers who can capture the look and aesthetic feel, as well as the functionality of the apparel tend to earn high commissions. If you are interested in participating in the WOLACO affiliate program, please reach out to our Affiliate Team at affiliate@tbsmo.com

Allowed Traffic

Since WOLACO offers worldwide shipping, nearly anyone is able to work with WOLACO! The WOLACO affiliate program has witnessed the most success with Content traffic, because of it’s capability to reach new consumers over a longer period of time. Health, fitness, and other bloggers who write about being active are ideal candidates for the WOLACO affiliate program. Additional forms of traffic we have worked with in the past include, Social Media, Video, Product Review, SEO, Deal, Cashback, Loyalty, Comparison Shopping, Toolbar, Mobile, CPA Network, Paid Search, Sub-Affiliate Networks, and Email.

Publisher Support

The Today’s Business Affiliate Team is here to help you make the most out of a partnership with WOLACO. If you are interested in joining the WOLACO affiliate program or have any questions regarding the program, simply reach out to affiliate@tbsmo.com and someone will be in touch shortly!

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The WOLACO affiliate program will expand your audience on your site, while simultaneously earning a competitive commission on high quality compression shorts, pants, as well as tops and tees. Are you ready to start earning revenue with the WOLACO affiliate program? Sign up now!