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Joe Sanfilippo is the Director of Growth & Partnerships at Today’s Business. Over the past six years, Joe has made a substantial splash in the digital marketing industry helping Today’s Business win multiple awards for digital & influencer marketing campaigns.  Joe attended Elmhurst University in the west suburbs of Chicago where he served as captain of the Elmhurst football team and was a 4 year member of the team’s leadership council whilst studying marketing management. Joe got his start in digital marketing at Healthcare Information Services (HIS) where he oversaw agency partnerships for HIS as well as the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute. Upon graduation, Joe transitioned to the agency side of marketing joining Today’s Business as the company’s first business development manager.

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Joe Sanfilippo’s Professional Highlights

  • Director of Growth & Partnerships of Award-Winning Today’s Business. Helped the company close and onboard over $5 million in new business revenue. Oversaw the execution of nearly $1M worth of influencer marketing campaign budgets.
  • Managing Partner at Tomahawk Shades. Produced over $30k in new revenue within the first 3 months of joining the team.
  • Chief Operations Officer (COO) at NFL Agency, Upper Edge Sports.
  • Managing Partner & Co-Founder at TeamMates Talent Management.
  • Investor in the Premier Lacrosse League alongside Robert Kraft, Joe Tsai, and Creative Artists Agency (CAA).
  • Executive Producer Undrafted DocuSeries in partnership with The Lacrosse Network. This DocuSeries was named to GearMoose’s 12 Best Sports Documentaries of 2021 So Far.
  • 2022 US Partnerships Award Gold Winner for Best Content Partnership. Managed the campaign and developed the case study: “How Affiliate Became Tomahawk Shades’ Biggest Revenue Driver”.
  • 2020 Davey Gold Award for Best Social Media Campaign. Managed a quarter-million dollar campaign budget for FOCO. Negotiated & contracted 35+ professional athletes.
  • 2020 NFL Consumer Products Summit Innovation Award. Helped FOCO win this award for “executing forward-thinking social marketing campaigns”.
  • Featured Speaker – Bones Society of Pennsylvania 2019 – The Online Patient Journey
  • Athlete Manager – Managed social media accounts and marketing partnerships for hall of fame athletes such as Kevin Garnett and Ray Lewis as well as Olympic Gold Medalist David Taylor and Super Bowl Champions Chris Hogan and Jamil Demby.

From Intern to Director & Entrepreneur

In 2012, Joey Sanfilippo started his career as an intern at Healthcare Information Services (a client of Today’s Business). Through a desire to learn and an unmatched work ethic, Joe quickly elevated through the firm holding titles such as business development manager, executive assistant, influencer campaign manager, and affiliate marketing strategist. Joe now serves as the Director of Growth & Partnerships at Today’s Business and oversees multiple departments including business development, affiliate marketing, and influencer marketing. In addition to that, Joe has started multiple new business ventures and has become a trusted partner to e-commerce brands and professional athletes / influencers.

Athlete Marketing Expert Joe Sanfilippo holding the Lombardi Trophy at Super Bowl 56
Joe Sanfilippo holding the Lombardi Trophy at Super Bowl 56.

“If you are looking for someone to help grow your business and/or elevate your marketing efforts then you have to speak with Joe Sanfilippo. Joe is an absolute pleasure to work with because he is experienced, incredibly well-organized, detailed, and has a work ethic that is unmatched. I trust Joe with all of my marketing initiatives and can’t thank him enough for his efforts.”

-Marc Megna | Co-Founder, Anatomy

Joe Sanfilippo – Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur & Investor

Joe prides himself on his digital marketing expertise but that is only a part of what makes Joe who he is. Joe is also an entrepreneur, investor, and editor. Joe Sanfilippo is an investor in the Premier Lacrosse League which is a professional lacrosse league that is also backed by billionaires like Robert Kraft, Joe Tsai, and the Creative Artists Agency. Additionally, Joe has invested in companies like Chido Tequila Seltzers, Gringo’s Tacos, and OZE Capital. As Co-Founder of Undrafted Ventures, Joe has also formulated equity partnerships making him a partner with businesses such as Tomahawk Shades, Upper Edge Sports, OpenLocker, and Evolution Physical Therapy (Long Island). Joe even serves as the Editor-In-Chief for The Guy’s List and has acted as an Executive Producer for a docuseries starring his business partner, Chris Hogan.

Talent Manager Joe Sanfilippo with his client Marc Megna the Co-Founder of Anatomy Fitness
Joe Sanfilippo with client Marc Megna.
Athlete Marketing Expert Joe Sanfilippo with clients Chris Hogan, Danny Amendola, Rob Gronkowski, & Sterling Shepard. Alongside business partners Tom Ottaiano & Billy Ash

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Instagram: @joe_sanfilippo

Twitter: @JoeSanfilippo30

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YouTube: Joe Sanfilippo

TikTok: @joesanfilippo30

Leader & Innovator in Partnership Marketing

In 2023, Joe Sanfilippo was selected as a “Top 30 US Partnership Marketing Change Maker” by Hello Partner. Joe was selected for this honor due to his success in building award-winning affiliate and influencer marketing campaigns. The selection committee was also very impressed with the proprietary partnership database, TeamMates, that Joe spearheaded at Today’s Business.

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Joe Sanfilippo In The Press

Check out some of the recent press about Joe Sanfilippo below.

Joe Sanfilippo was featured in ESPN's article about Chris Hogan joining the Premier Lacrosse League
Joe Sanfilippo provided a quote for AWIN's case study about the award-winning affiliate marketing campaign with Tomahawk Shades
Joe Sanfilippo was featured by Hype Magazine as a rising star in the business world

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